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Fast highway R4 Kosice - Milhost

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Fast highway R4 Kosice - Milhost

  • Expressway R4 Košice-Milhosť
  • Expressway R4 Košice-Milhosť, Crossroad
  • Expressway R4 Košice-Milhosť, pic. II
  • Expressway R4 Košice-Milhosť, pic.III

R4 expressway Košice - Milhosť with length of 14.175 km is part of the basic communication system of the Slovak Republic and is included in the network of highways of SR numbered  R4. It also belongs to the international corridor in the direction from the Polish city of Rzeszow through Kosice, Debrecen in Hungary to Oradea in Romania.

The overall scope of work:

Length of expressway R4: 14.175 km

Category expressway R4: R 24,5 / 120, 100

The total area of roads: 320 175 m2

Number of parts: 101

Number of bridges: 14

The total area of bridges: 23 998 m2

The total length of noise barriers: 1 974.3 m (area 923 m2)


Miroslav Potoč Ing.


Service: Construction
Mark segment: Roads
Start date: 2010
Completion date: 2013
Clients: Národná diaľničná spoločnosť a.s., Bratislava
Country: Slovakia
City: Košice
Project status: Completed