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Länsimetro, Tapiola underground tunnel and station

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Länsimetro, Tapiola underground tunnel and station

  • Drill Helena
  • Drill Helena at Tapiola metro station

Skanska Infra implemented the Tapiola station, including the excavation of underground tunnels, connecting tunnels, and the related shafts, for the Länsimetro underground project (westward metro in Helsinki Metropolitan Area).

The station is located in the center of the Tapiola district, at Merituulentie. The station platform excavation extends approximately 30 meters below ground level. There is a direct connection from the underground station to the Tapiola shopping center and other services located above the station.

The excavation of underground tunnels and the station began in early 2012 and they were completed in late 2013. The western Helsinki underground line, Länsimetro, will start operating in 2016.

Skanska will also implement the HVAC contract for the tunnel line from Ruoholahti to Matinkylä, the Lauttasaari station and tunnel, the Ruoholahti–Lauttasaari construction contract, and the Keilaniemi station construction contract for Länsimetro Oy.


Pekka Räsänen
Regional Manager
Skanska Infra, City and Industrial Construction


Service: Construction
Mark segment: Civil, Underground/tunnels
Start date: 2012
Completion date: 2014
Clients: Länsimetro Oy
Country: Finland
City: Espoo
Project status: Ongoing



The safest site among Länsimetro early in the year 2013