Power plants

Power makes the world go round. There would be no work or play without it. Power plants have long been a part of our catalogue. When you flip the switch, there is a chance that the power is generated at a plant built by us. Find out about some of our power plants below.

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  • East River Repowering Project

    East River Repowering Project, United States

    Skanska secured a contract to repower one of the largest and most significant combined-cycle power stations owned by Consolidated Edison Company of New York, Inc. The East River Generating Station ...

  • White Tanks FRS No. 3 Remediation Project - Phase 2

    White Tanks FRS No. 3 Remediation Project - Phase 2, United States

    The project includes modifications to White Tanks FRS No. 3 Remediation Project - Phase 2. The construction includes the reconstruction of approximately 4,200 feet of the existing dam not previousl...

  • Sjisjka Wind

    The Sjisjka wind farm, Sweden

    Creating a wind-farm in a unique natural environment The Sjisjka wind farm, one of Sweden's largest land-based wind farms made up of 30 turbines, is located in the sub-mountainous region of Sjisjka...

  • The line of force is sketched into the chart.

    Eiriksdal og Makkoren Kraftlag, Norway

    Construction of two new power stations in rock, to replace three, old power stations (total production of approx 340 GWh). The work includes; 6 kilometer tunnels of cross-section 20 to 36 sq.m., tw...

  • AEP Dresden Combined Cycle Plant

    AEP Dresden Combined Cycle Plant, United States

    Industrial Contractors Skanska was selected by American Electric Power to perform construction, design support, and start-up / commissioning support for their 500 MW Dresden Combined Cycle Plant....

  • Mullberg Wind Farm

    Mullberg Wind Farm, Sweden

    Wind farm with green ambitions In collaboration with Jämtkraft, Skanska has built Mullberg Wind Farm. It is located in Rätan in Berg’s municipality and is one of the larger wind farms in Jämtland....

  • Edwardsport Station IGCC

    Edwardsport Station IGCC, United States

    Skanska performed construction services for the gasification section of this Indiana power facility. The project included work on the gasification structure, the gasification balance of plant...

  • Prangli saare uue diiselelektrijaama ehitamine, Estonia

    Prangli saare uue diiselelektrijaama ehitamine, Estonia

    AS Skanska EMV ja Elektrilevi OÜ sõlmisid lepingu Prangli saare uue diiselelektrijaama ehitamiseks. Hoone on ehitatud metallsõrestik-raudbetoonist põrandaga ja vundamendiga, soojustatud, vahvel-...

  • Newark Energy Center

    Newark Energy Center, United States

    As EPC Contractor for the project with a joint venture design partner, Skanska built the new 2x1 natural gas-fired combined cycle facility with a nameplate capacity of 655 MW.  The plant utilizes t...

  • The California Department of General Services wanted to improve the reliability and capacity of its Central Utility Plant Building, originally built in 1968.  Skanska delivered one of the most efficient plants in the nation, improving reliability and dramatically cutting costs.

    California Department of General Services, Sacramento Central Utility Plant, United States

    This award-winning, design-build project was built for the Department of General Services in downtown Sacramento. The 78,000-SF Central Plant provides cooling, heating and control air to 23...

  • Ravenswood Combined Cycle Power Plant

    Ravenswood Combined Cycle Power Plant, United States

    Skanska was awarded a contract to build a 250 megawatt combined-cycle power plant in Long Island City, N.Y. The plant uses a combustion turbine generator that outputs 160 megawatts; a heat recovery...

  • Orissaare alajaama rekonstrueerimine, Estonia

    Orissaare alajaama rekonstrueerimine, Estonia

    AS Skanska EMV ja Elektrilevi OÜ sõlmisid lepingu Orissaare alajaama rekonstrueerimiseks. Rekonstrueerimistööde käigus lammutati vana piire ja vahetati välja kommertsmõõtepunkti voolu- ja...

  • Gibson Station, FGD Retrofit

    Gibson Station, FGD Retrofit, United States

    This FGD retrofit included installation of major piping systems - water, fire protection, service air and chemical feed. In addition, Skanska erected the water treatment building and installed the...

  • Forsmark and the future storage.

    Expansion of SFR, Forsmark, Sweden

    Skanska has been commissioned to expand the existing final repository for short-lived radioactive waste (SFR) in Forsmark. The assignment is carried out through a collaboration agreement with the...

  • CPV Valley

    CPV Valley, United States

    Skanska, as the EPC Contractor teamed with a joint venture engineering partner, is currently constructing the Valley Energy Center for Competitive Power Ventures in Waywayanda, New York. Valley...

  • Barking Substation

    SEESA – Southeast England substations alliance, United Kingdom

    In a joint venture with Areva and Mott MacDonald, Skanska (AMS) delivered a contract to support the upgrading and renewal of the UK’s electricity transmission network. The initial five year contrac...

  • NYPA's 500 Mw Combined-Cycle Power Plant, United States

    NYPA's 500 Mw Combined-Cycle Power Plant, United States

    Skanska built a combined-cycle power plant to add 500 megawatts to New York City's power supply on a four-acre site adjacent to the existing Charles M. Poletti Generating Station. The scope of work...

  • Jämtkraft

    Jämtkraft, Sweden

    Reduced risk of power outages with weatherproof power grid The risk of prolonged power outages has been substantially reduced in Sweden’s Jämtland region. On January 1, 2011, a new law took effect...

  • London Power Tunnels

    London Power Tunnels, United Kingdom

    A seven-year project for the National Grid to rewire London via deep underground tunnels. Record-breaking tunnelling contract Working together in a joint venture, Skanska and Costain (CSJV) complet...

  • Construction workers on a gravel path, next to trees and an excavator.

    The Royal National City Park, 220 kV, Stockholm, Sweden

    Large cable project in a unique environment The Royal National City Park is located between Ulriksdal in northern Stockholm and Fjäderholmarna in southern Stockholm. The park is a twenty-seven squa...

  • Sketch of the tunnel in a chart

    Breidalsoverføringen, Norway

    New transfer tunnel between the two existing regulating reservoirs at Breidalsvannet and Raudalsvannet at the Otta river sytem, Skjåk, which was officially opened in August 2008.