Through the many important projects we undertake and the innovative, sustainable solutions we use to deliver them, Skanska builds for a better society. Our values guide what we do and how we work, and this dual focus helps ensure a sustainable future for our people, customers and communities.

Health and Safety, Ethics, Green, Community Investment and Diversity and Inclusion are our sustainability focus areas. They are connected to the United Nations' Global Goals.

Sustainability focus areas

Skanska has set a Group target of achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2045, within the whole value chain

Net-zero target to 2045

Buildings that makes a difference for the environment, health and well-being

Buildings can make a difference

Skanska supports the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals

Skanska and the Global goals

Our homes, schools and places of work, along with transit lines and highways, are essential parts of our daily lives.

Toward a carbon-neutral future

The materiality assessment shows the sustainability topics critical to Skanska's external and internal stakeholders.

Materiality assessment

Since 2002 Skanska has produced a progress review of its Sustainability efforts.

Sustainability publications

Skanska has a Group-wide sustainability governance structure

Governance and Organization

The construction and development sector are characterized by long and complex supply chains.

Responsible sourcing