Green bonds

By leveraging our sustainability expertise and portfolio, we finance parts of our commercial and residential projects with green bonds.

Green bonds help spur sustainable development

To aid in driving advancements within green and reaching our strategic ambitions, Skanska-developed projects play an important role. Green financing enables us to continue investing in sustainable, profitable project developments at a more rapid pace than we can achieve solely through our own capital.

Skanska Green Bond Framework

By the end of 2020, Skanska’s central debt portfolio amounted to SEK 3.7 billion. 100 percent of the central debt consisted of bilateral loans or green bonds earmarked for green projects in accordance with the Skanska Green Bond Framework.

All projects funded within the Green Bond Framework must be aiming for the upper levels of certification under any of the third-party systems: LEED, BREEAM, DGNB or the Nordic Swan Ecolabel (Svanen). Our Green Bond Framework is third-party verified and deemed strong and trustworthy by the CICERO (Center for International Climate Research), internationally recognized as a leading provider of independent reviews of green bond frameworks. Additionally, we conduct impact reporting twice a year.

Percentage of total central debt that is Green according to our Green Bond Framework.

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