Partner to innovate net zero solutions

We bring all our knowledge to the table in collaborations to create net-zero solutions that can take us, our customers and partners into a net-zero future.

Our approach​

At Skanska, we take a holistic approach to design and construction, with the project’s entire life cycle in mind. By innovating with partners, we continue to exceed standards set by leading environmental authorities and regulatory bodies, pushing the industry forward and creating best-in-class examples in the process. Key components of our offering of sustainable solutions include low-carbon products, energy-efficiency solutions, smart design and digital tools, and sustainability certifications of projects. Partnering with others allows us to leverage our industry-leading expertise in cross-sector collaborations, creating value by codeveloping new sustainable solutions.


Through technology and innovation, we are reshaping how buildings and infrastructure can be designed and built to lower carbon emissions. We are achieving this by rethinking traditional methods, using materials with lower embodied carbon, and by working with customers and the industry to ensure that demand for net-zero solutions becomes standard. The end goal is to achieve net-zero carbon emissions in our own business and value chain by 2045.

Net-zero carbon emissions.PNG