Partner to innovate net zero solutions

We bring our knowledge and expertise to the table in partnerships to create solutions that drive us, our customers and partners towards net-zero emissions. By innovating with partners, we continue to exceed standards set by regulators, pushing the industry forward and creating best-in-class examples.

Our approach​

Our innovation portfolio is based on areas that are important for our customers, the market and for us to reach our financial and sustainability targets. Key drivers for innovation are operational efficiency, climate as well as digital solutions. With our global and local market presence, we benefit from being able to share and scale knowledge and innovations within and across markets. By scaling within the Group, we can more efficiently use and implement solutions connected to the focus areas in the innovation portfolio.


Through technology and innovation, we are reshaping how buildings and infrastructure can be designed and built to lower carbon emissions. We are achieving this by rethinking traditional methods, using materials with lower embodied carbon, and by working with customers and the industry to ensure that demand for net-zero solutions becomes standard. The end goal is to achieve net-zero carbon emissions in our own business and value chain by 2045.

Net-zero carbon emissions.PNG