Shifting to low-carbon construction

To succeed as a more sustainable industry, we need to rethink the way we build. Significantly cutting carbon in the construction industry can be accomplished by reexamining energy, processes and materials from a life-cycle perspective.

Our approach​

At Skanska we take a holistic approach to designing and building with less emissions, incorporating resource efficiency, circularity, renewable energy, electrification and digitalization.


The actions we take to reduce carbon emissions differ based on the project in question. Early decisions – from design and planning to construction or renovation – have a major impact. We contribute with knowledge to improve the way we design and construct buildings and infrastructure projects, focusing on choice of materials, resource efficiency and opportunities to increase circularity and minimize environmental impact. Carbon emissions in a building stem from all phases of the life cycle. We carry out carbon emission calculations for materials for all our development units’ projects, and have extended these to more parts of the life cycle for some development projects and customer projects. Investors and customers expect comparable disclosures on sustainability performance. We continue to offer our customers excellent certified projects using established certification schemes such as Living Building Challenge, LEED, BREEAM, BREEAM Infrastructure and WELL as well as national certifications such as NollCO₂, Miljöbyggnad, Nordic Swan Ecolabel, Envision and RTS.