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Diversity & inclusion is a top priority for us. In 2014, a new vision and strategy was launched with the aim to be recognized as a leader in diversity in all our markets by 2020. Since 2015 D&I is integrated in Skanska Values, and since 2016 it is integrated in our 2016-2010 Profit with Purpose Business Plan.

Our diversity & inclusion vision

A new diversity and inclusion vision was launched in 2014. The vision states that by 2020 Skanska:

  • Mirrors the diversity in society on all levels of our organization.
  • Have leaders that are excellent in fostering an inclusive culture.
  • Is recognized as a leader in diversity and inclusion in all home markets.


Our diversity and inclusion strategy highlights focus areas we need to work on in order to reach our vision. A fundamental component is managers' commitment, awareness and skills in diversity and inclusion.

On top of that, our focus areas are:

  • Attract and recruit from a large and diverse pool of talent
  • Develop a diverse pool of talent
  • Securing an inclusive work culture
  • Leverage D&I in the marketplace in partnership with customers, suppliers and communities

Departing from the strategy each business unit will define actions and targets that will help them move forward.

Strategy D&I Vision

What do we mean by diversity and inclusion?

Diversity is about everything that makes us unique as individuals – anything that makes me different from you. More commonly diversity refers to common social categories in societies such as gender, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation etc.

In Skanska we define an inclusive culture as a culture where people are open, fair, show trust and respect each other. In an inclusive organization everyone can contribute to their fullest potential. It is a work culture that seeks sharing of experiences and perspectives and that is respectful of differences. It is through an inclusive work culture that we can leverage the benefits that come with a diverse work force, such as different skills and abilities, including education, experience and functional capability. This results in more productive and innovative ways of working.

Why is diversity and inclusion important to us?

Having a diverse workforce and an inclusive work culture positively impacts our performance. It is also part of our value foundation and helps us:

  • Build relationships with an increasingly diverse customers base
  • Attract, recruit and retain talent from a larger talent pool
  • Leverage the unique perspectives and experiences from all employees which increase innovation

To find out more, read our diversity and inclusion questions and answers on the FAQ page

Last updated: 5/18/2017

Pia Höök

Global Diversity Manager

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