Activities in Ethics 2014

Throughout Skanska’s home markets, there were a number of activities in Ethics during 2014. Here are some examples.


The world-famous Royal Academy of Dramatic Art helped to bring ethical dilemmas to life for senior managers at Skanska UK. Actors played out courtroom scenes focusing on harassment and discrimination as part of two interactive sessions held at the UK management conference. Around 100 employees debated how ethical issues can be seen from legal, media and employee perspectives. The lessons learned are helping Skanska’s employees to think more broadly about ethics in their day-to-day work.


Workshops were organized for over 70 managers in 2014, leading to a series of open and honest discussions about ethics. The results of these workshops helped establish an Ethics Plan for 2015. Skanska has also teamed up with a think tank on a project called Values Laboratory which aims to share experience and gain knowledge on business ethics in the Polish market.


Skanska Finland has been developing a zero gift policy to replace its existing gift policy, so that there is clarity about what is expected and permitted. Skanska has observed an increasing trend with policies like these. According to Skanska’s own benchmarking we are one of the first in Finland with such a policy.

Czech Republic and Slovakia

Skanska is active in the following external initiatives in the Czech Republic and Slovakia:

  • Program 4Etika (4Ethics). Skanska and Transparency International are jointly holding an annual competition for projects that have brought ethics to life.
  • Transparency as Nordic value. Skanska is a member of a working group of the Nordic Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic that is preparing a sample Code of Conduct based on values common to Scandinavian companies.
  • Platform for transparent public procurement. Skanska was an active member of an initiative run by the American Chamber of Commerce for transparent regulation of public procurement, and was active in a working group to create a Code of Conduct for potential public contractors.

George Fadool

Senior Vice President Ethics

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Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct defines how we conduct our business. 

Report ethical breaches

Skanska has a Code of Conduct Hotline for reporting serious ethical breaches.