Comprehensive Code of Conduct

Our comprehensive Code of Conduct covers the topics we regard as most important for doing business ethically. It gives very clear guidance and examples so that employees and external parties know exactly what is expected of them.

In all joint venture arrangements, we require our partners to follow the Skanska Code of Conduct or an agreed equivalent. For suppliers, we have a shorter version of the Code with the sections applicable to them. We require this Supplier Code of Conduct to be embedded throughout our supply chain to be sure that actions taken on our behalf are always carried out in accordance with the Skanska Values.

Our Code of Conduct is supported by more detailed policies and procedures in key areas, including anti-corruption, personal data, insider trading and sanctions. These are applicable across the Skanska Group.

Our business units implement these Group policies and are responsible for supplementing them with local policies, procedures and guidance applicable to their specific business.

We set high expectations for our employees to follow our clear and transparent way of working and to live by our Code of Conduct. New employees are required to be trained on the Code of Conduct within their first month of employment. Refresher training is taken by all employees every two years.

Helena Sundén

Vice President Ethics

+46 10 44 92 799

Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct defines how we conduct our business. 

Report ethical breaches

Skanska has a Code of Conduct Hotline for reporting serious ethical breaches.