Sustainable Governance

Skanska has a Group-wide sustainability governance structure that follow the Group Governance Framework, decided by the Board.

Group Governance Framework

The management of sustainability follows the Group Governance Framework and internal audit procedures. The Group Governance Framework is decided by the Board. The business units are responsible to comply with what is stated in the Group Policies and Group Procedures and Standards.

To strengthen Skanska’s sustainability ambitions in relevance to business the Skanska Sustainability Business Forum, including members from Group Leadership Team, is a body for anchoring strategic decisions.

Sustainability Performance

Sustainability performance is assessed via key performance indicators and the annual Group-wide employee survey. Employees are annually evaluated according to their performance and capability to drive sustainability. Sustainability , through climate and health and safety parameters, are included in incentive programs for the CEO and the business unit management teams.

Sustainability Policy Statement

Skanska has a strong commitment towards a more sustainable future and a strong belief that we can make a major contribution to a more sustainable society.