Like-minded clients

Every Skanska business unit has clients ranging from the most conservative to true pioneers and risk-takers. When it comes to energy efficiency, we are lucky enough to have some of the most innovative clients in the world both inside and outside Skanska.

Internal customers

Since 2008 our development units have been driving forward a program of work to adapt our core products and services so that we can offer higher energy efficiency and more climate-benign solutions to our customers.

View some of our Commercial property projects in the Projects section.

External customers

Skanska has over 4,000 repeat customers in its Home Markets ranging from some of the largest multinational corporations to local municipalities, non-profit Non-Governmental Organizations and families.

More and more of our customers recognize the need to control and reduce energy consumption in their built assets because it makes good economic sense, increases energy security and helps in a significant way to reduce greenhouse gases associated with Climate Change. Skanska works hard to find creative ways to give its external clients highly energy efficient structures and buildings.

Find our sustainability case studies here.

Monitor progress

Energy is one of the priority areas on the Skanska Color Palette™, our green strategic tool. Each Business Unit uses the Color Palette™ to report green revenue to the Skanska AB Group Leadership Team, and each unit has an environmental plan fully integrated with its business to increase both green performance and operational efficiency.

Green Strategic Indicators

For the Profit with Purpose Business Plan 2016-2020 a set of Green Strategic Indicators (GSI) is agreed by the Group Leadership Team as a means of monitoring environmental progress. The GSI for energy drives reduction of primary energy consumption. The use of primary energy allows projects to guide design decisions based on the efficiency of the whole energy supply chain.

Energy use in building projects

For building projects the GSI on energy refers to what we build and “More than 25% better
efficiency” relates to the expected energy consumption off the building in use. The 25 % is measured against local legislation, codes or standards.

Energy use in civil / infrastructure projects

For civil and infrastructure projects the GSI also refers to what we build but it only applies to projects that consume energy during their operation. “More than 25% better efficiency” is measured against applicable legislation, codes or standards.

Last updated: 1/17/2018