Policy and strategies on Green

By its nature, construction has the potential to create negative impacts on the natural environment when not actively managed. Done well, it has the potential to have a significant positive impact. Therefore, Skanska sees a big opportunity in proactive environmental management.

Skanska has been proactive on environmental management since the mid-1990s. It produced its first Environmental Report 1997 and one year later published its Environment Policy. By 2000, all its Business Units worldwide were certified to ISO 14001, an industry first. This situation remains so today.

Each Business Unit has a fully integrated environmental plan based on the Group Environment Policy. These plans are tracked by the Senior Executive Team (SET) using seven indicators, our so-called Green Strategic Indicators.  Progress is reported to SET by each Business Unit President as part of the quarterly business review process.

Last updated: 11/10/2017

Environmental Policy

Based on the strong belief that project development and construction can make a major contribution to a more sustainable world, Skanska is committed to proactive environmental management at all levels from local to global. With this approach we can positively influence key stakeholders, especially customers and suppliers.