Health and well-being

We are committed to ensuring healthy workplaces, helping our people and those that work with us to be physically and mentally fit so they can perform at their best and live full lives.

Our strategy

The health and well-being strategy is based on ensuring healthy workplaces to preserve, protect and promote the health and well-being of our people and contractors.

This includes providing improved practices to reduce long-term health hazards, such as noise, dust and poor ergonomics. It also means helping our people maintain a healthy work-life balance. The intent is to prevent work activities from causing or worsening ill health, both physical and mental.

The health and well-being strategy is founded on a health and well-being matrix that identifies six topics – leadership, knowledge, physical well-being, mental well-being, metrics and communication – around which new and existing programs will be formed across Skanska.

The health and well-being matrix is part of our Safety Road Map.

Health and Safety Week 2019

During Skanska’s Health and Safety Week 2019, activities takes place related to health and well-being, ranging from medical tests such as blood pressure or blood samples, or promotion of focused exercise programs based on the World Health Organization recommendations. Among other activities there will be activities demonstrating the latest techniques for limiting harm from physical health hazards.

Cultivate healthy, happy workplaces

Kirsi Mettälä, Skanska EVP HR, shares her thoughts on employee wellness and why we need to build healthy workplaces.

"Your mental health is your wealth"

Dylan Roberts, Skanska Health and Safety Manager, shares his thoughts about why people’s wellbeing is important.

Skanska Health and Safety Week 2019

May 13-17, our 38,000 employees at thousands of projects in our home markets, along with more than 200,000 subcontractors, customers and other partners participated in activities focused on health and safety in the workplace.