Commitment to safety

Here the members of Skanska's management, the Senior Executive Team (SET), share their personal safety pledges on what they will do differently, contributing to our journey towards zero accidents.

Senior Executive Team's safety pledge

Our management is commited to safety and has a shared safety pledge:

"We in the Senior Executive Team, commit to not walk by any unsafe situation on site without intervening."

Personal safety pledges


Johan Karlström

President and Chief Executive Officer

"In my speeches I will always try to be personal about Safety and tell how it has changed myself."

Richard Cavallaro

Executive Vice President

"To be a safety champion in all aspects of life. Which needs to include work, home and the entire construction industry."

Claes Larsson

Executive Vice President

"To show a strong visible leadership in Health & Safety in my daily work."

Anders Danielsson

Executive Vice President

"I pledge to ensure that we drive culture change in the entire organization for an injure free environment and never accept unsafe behavior."

Veronica Rörsgård

Executive Vice President

"I will adress safety in all internal and external presentations."

Peter Wallin

Chief Financial Officer, Executive Vice President

"I will do my outmost to show my commitment and strong attitude for that safety comes first in whatever meeting I am in - externally and internally."

Roman Wieczorek

Executive Vice President

"I commit to continue my safe behaviors from work into my daily life.Because life and health of every Human Being is always important, regardless of place or time. Thus when I see any behavior that could cause any threat, I will do my best to be active and unequivocal."

Mats Williamson

Executive Vice President

"My Safety Pledge is to never walk by an unsafe situation without stopping and having a conversation with those involved. I have tried to do this in the past but not always successfully."

Christel Åkerman

Executive Vice President

"Also during 2016 I commit to counter complacency by continuing to reflect and discuss "near misses", my own and those at our project sites."

Last updated: 4/20/2016