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Skanska's ultimate goal is to achieve zero fatalities and zero lost time accidents at our workplaces.


Accidents during Safety Week 2016

The table below shows the number of accidents that occured during Safety Week 2016 which took place on April 25 to May 1.


CountryNo. of accidentsComments
Czech Republic


Denmark 0  
Finland 0  
Norway 2

A subcontractor colleague slips on the lowest step on the ladder of the manhole entrance to a culvert and sprains his leg. He is resting at home for a couple of days.

Our colleague stumbles from a 3-step stepladder and falls about 1 meter onto the concrete floor beneath him. The workers shoulder was dislocated, and he receives medical assistance to get it back into place. He is now recovering at home.

Poland  1 On a residential project, our colleague was using a disc cutter on a piece of concrete. While he was trying to release the rods, he accidently made a superficial cut on his right forearm as the machine was still working. He received sutures and is now resting at home.
Sweden  1

In the north of Sweden, a heavy snowfall caused slippery roads and our colleague driving a concrete truck, slid off the road at a turn in the road, making a roll and ended up on the side. Luckily our colleague was without any serious injuries and is now recovering at home.

UK  1

While lifting steel road plates, our subcontractor colleague was to remove the chains where the plates were stacked. One of the plates slipped and trapped his leg, causing an injury. After hospital treatment, he is now resting at home due to a fractured ankle.

USA  1 On one of our projects, an Ironworker slipped and got his arm pinched between a load of steel being set in position and a structural column. This resulted in a broken arm and he is now recovering at home.
Total number 6