One day at work

06:00 CET Warsaw, Poland

Kamila Przepieść is preparing for the Ironman triathlon and has typically done 70km on her bicycle before starting work. Kamila is a lawyer, and this kind of disciplined training helps her focus on her work better and keeps her healthy. "Whenever I can, I encourage others to lead a healthy lifestyle and invite them to train together with me," she says.

06.30 CET Gullringen, Sweden

The employees at this BoKlok home production factory begin their day by doing Stretch and Flex for about 10 minutes. "It's a great way to make sure you are ready for the heavy work," says initiator Joakim Karlsson, a Health & Wellbeing leader.

07:00 CET Warsaw, Poland

Kazimierz Kowalski, welder, is proudly posing with his hard hat before his day begins. After working for 26 years in the construction industry, a day came when a hurried, inexperienced workforce and carelessly planned work both came together at the same time. "If I hadn't had a safety hard hat properly fastened, this day would have been tragic for me!" says Kazimierz. He adds: "I don't remember the moment of the fall. I often talk about it with my colleagues and share this example. Every morning, we plan our day so that it is as safe as possible."

08:00 EDT New York, U.S.

Hilary Wilson, legal director, is part of the team helping bring New York City's LaGuardia Airport Central Terminal Building Replacement Project to commercial and financial close. Our team on this complex public-private partnership (PPP) project has many partners, and so it is important to ensure that all those partners share the same vision and values about health and safety. This project will be carried out while the airport is still in operation, which means planning is key to avoid members of the public coming in contact with any of the construction areas, while still enjoying a smooth journey.

08:30 GMT Cambridge, UK

Carianne McIntosh, site supervisor at New Papworth Hospital arrives on site each morning and before booting up her computer, she puts on her safety boots and Personal Protection Equipment and heads out to the site for the start of the first shift. She checks the site for hazards and talks to the operations team to check they can follow the agreed plan, they have the right equipment, materials and have been part of a pre task briefing to do their job safely. This is part of Skanska UK's ‘boots on before booting up’ culture.

09.00 CET Stockholm, Sweden

Daniel Dahlqvist is riding his bike by the water in Stockholm. He is a project manager and works with two Skanska projects, Stockholm Seaside and Stockholm 03, traveling between them on his bicycle. "Biking is the most time efficient, environmentally friendly and safe way of transport, especially when you need to move quickly between the projects," says Daniel. He adds: "The fresh air and the exercise keeps me alert and vigilant of the safety risks at my workplace."

10:00 CET Luumäki, Finland

Lotta Kamunen, production engineer, and Kalle Willman, foreman, have brought their iPad on the construction site as they are conducting the statutory weekly safety inspection. This is because Skanska Finland has a mobile app that makes safety inspections and reacting to safety issues easier and faster. The results are directly recorded and sent along with photos from the device, and these results can easily be tracked on national level. The application is in active use on 40 construction sites in Finland.

11:00 CET Växsjö, Sweden

The hard hats that pavers in Sweden wear are specially designed to make them more visible to the fast moving traffic next to which they work. They also have better ventilation than ordinary hard hats used at construction sites, as temperatures can be soaring while working with hot asphalt especially on a blazing hot summer's day.

12:00 CET Stockholm, Sweden

Once a week during lunch time, some of our IT employees meet and practice mindfulness. For 30 minutes they meditate or do focus training, and discuss things like how to be more present during meetings or how to email more mindfully. This exercise aims to lower stress levels and to increase focus and presence of mind in their everyday work.

13:00 CET Stockholm, Sweden

The traffic flow at Skanska’s 15’000 square meters large quarry in Årsta aims to minimize contact between Skanska’s 40 ton heavy loaders and the client’s trucks that come there to fetch the aggregate by creating a separate drive-in for these trucks. The whole area is also fenced off to protect pedestrians from the dangers of this complex site.

14:00 CET Prague, Czech Republic

Barbora Zobačová is taking a walk on the construction site. She gently reminds people she meets on her way that they are awaited by their families at home at the end of the day. This is just one of the ways that Barbora tries to inspire positive change in their behavior toward safety.

15:00 CET Bærum, Norway

Production Manager Mogens Pedersen has a strong commitment to everyone's safety. At Gjønnes, a residential project at Bærum on the outskirts of Oslo, some of the homes are occupied while others are still under construction. To avoid accidents, Mogens works hard to ensure that the necessary safety barriers are in place and that the construction site is properly fenced off so that the people who have moved in and their children are protected from construction site hazards.

15:30 EDT Arlington, Virginia

Members of the Skanska Commercial Development in the U.S. got a call from a prospective tenant, requesting a tour of one of their projects. Because of the short notice, members of the team didn’t bring their personal protective equipment (PPE) with them to work today. Instead, they can stop at their office’s grab-and-go PPE station and grab boots and a bag that contains a hardhat, safety glasses, gloves and a vest. 

16:00 CET Prague, Czech Republic

Home buyers at Skanska Residential Development projects in the Czech Republic receive a safety kit when they receive the keys to their newly built home. The safety kit has products to enhance safety in everyday life, including traction mats for bathtubs and guards for sharp corners.

16:30 CET Stockholm, Sweden

On a bright and sunny spring afternoon employees from Residential Development in Sweden are investing their time in learning about getting better at running. A healthy lifestyle is key to fighting work-related stress, and a sporty activity like this breaks down internal barriers and is a great team-building exercise. This is one of the many activities the unit has undertaken to develop healthier and happier staff.

17:00 CET Solna, Sweden

Pär Haglund, production manager at New Karolinska Solna hospital, bikes 19 km to and from work several days a week. It keeps him fit and alert both physically and mentally, and it helps him to be safe at work. He never accepts shortcuts and always puts safety first. He hopes to inspire others with his lifestyle.

Last updated: 4/26/2016