Embrace diversity

Together we embrace diversity by using our full potential to embrace people from all walks of life, creating safe, inclusive environments for everyone to perform and be their best.

Our approach

We are committed to attracting and developing a diverse workforce, providing inclusive workplaces where all people – regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation or other diversity strands and backgrounds – can be themselves. We are determined to create spaces where everyone feels that they can perform, contribute and be proud of working for Skanska. Ensuring an inclusive workplace is crucial for our ability to recruit and engage diverse talent, well-equipped to understand and leverage our increasingly diverse customer base, as well as emerging trends in the marketplace.


Skanska tracks D&I performance both on Group and Business Unit level. Inclusion is primarily tracked via engagement survey results. There are three questions with an explicit focus inclusion. Over the last couple of years, the positive share of responses has increased significantly indicating that the inclusive culture has become even stronger. In addition to tracking total result and development over time (trend) Skanska tracks gaps between different groups, as well as comparing the overall result with general industry norm (benchmark).

In terms of diversity, gender representation on different levels is being tracked both on Group level as well as Business Unit level. Worth noting is that Business Units may have additional diversity focus apart from gender, depending on local demographic and legal requirements. For instance, do Business Units in the US, UK and Sweden all track ethnicity.

Diversity and Inclusion focus area corresponds to SDG goals