Safety awards & recognition

Skanska AB and its Business Units are periodically assessed by external organisations such as Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) organisations, industry associations and other bodies interested in benchmarking Sustainability commitment and performance.

These assessments can take the form of “remote” assessment using publicly available information such as Annual Reports, web sites etc and “engagement” using interviews, surveys and questionnaires. Some of the most significant awards and recognition are listed below.


  • USA Building received the ABC award for safety excellence 
  • Skanska was awarded as the safest contractor in the Southern Finland competition (Finland)
  • 14 awards in 2014 given by National Labour Inspectorate regional “Safe Site” contest (Poland)
  • A total of 6 external H&S awards have been received in 2014 (UK)
  • Silesia Business Park awarded 1st prize and Dominikanski 3rd prize from the National Labour Inspectorate for the management of occupational H&S (Commercial Development Europe)
  • OSHA VPP Star Award, Virgina Federal Award for Environmental Excellence, Concrete Institute Safety Excellence Award and US Trade Unions Recognition for Safety Excellence (USA Civil)


  • Green Corner in Warsaw was awarded by the National Labor Inspectorate. (Commercial Development Europe)
  • The lowest Lost Time Accident Rate in the industry amongst large construction companies was recognized by the National Construction Magazine “Rakennuslehti”. (Finland)
  • The MEACSA project received a major award in Health and Safety Management at work by Central Expressway. (Chile)
  • Seven awards were received by the National Labor Inspectorate at the regional Safe site contest. (Poland)
  • The Ostrobramska project was awarded a second place in the competition “Build Safely 2013” by National Labor Inspectorate in Warsaw. (Residential Development Poland)
  • A number of awards were received in 2013 from Considerate Contractors and RoSPA (some of which for the 5,9 or 10 consecutive year). Including awards from Gatwick and Wates construction teams and NJUG. (UK)
  • The ABC Platinum Award was received, including several local and regional awards. (USA Building)
  • Several awards received from OHSA, International Association of Foundation Drilling Safety Program, including four Zero Injury Safety Awards. (USA Civil)


  • Several awards were received from the National Labor Inspectorate at the regional “Safe Site” contests (Skanska Poland)
  • Four of a total of seven awards received from the Swedish Transport authority (Skanska Sweden)
  • A number of Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents awards and from Considerate contractor and Considerate constructor. Some of these for several consecutive years (Skanska UK)
  • US Occupational Safety and Health Administration Voluntary Protection Program beyond Safety Award (Skanska USA Civil)
  • Awarded as Top Responsible Company 2012. This award is given to a company with outstanding attitude in the following areas: Ethics, Health & Safety and Environment (Skanska Czech Republic)
  • Best Construction Company Award in an occupational safety competition (Skanska Finland)


  • Winner of five out of seven Swedish Road Administration Health and Safety awards (Norra Länken 52 project, Ställdalen-Hällefors railway project, Bangårdsförlängningar project, Östra förbifarten Katrineholm project and Hallandsåsen project, Skanska Sweden)


  • Premio Apolo Award ENDESA - Skanska Latin America received this award from the Spanish energy company Endesa for developing a procedure for maintance service on turbines, which helps improve efficiency and safety (Skanska LA, Peru)
  • Swedish Road Administration Health and Safety award (Skanska Sweden)
  • Royal Society for the Prevention of accident RoSPA Gold Medal and Gold awards (Skanska UK)
  • OSHA Recognition Award for “outstanding commitment and dedication in promoting safety and health awareness and accident prevention in the working community (Skanska USA Civil)
  • New York Metropolitan Transport Authority Contractor Safety Award (Skanska USA Civil)
  • Instituto Argentino de Seguridad, 2010 Safety Recognition Award (Skanska LA)
  • Finnish Zero Accidents Forum awarded BU Skanska Finland with Safety Level Classification: "Heading for the World's Forefront in Safety" (Skanska Finland)


  • 11 Royal Society for Prevention of Accident Gold Awards (Skanska UK)
  • Latin American Safety Award from ALASEHT (Latin American Safety Association)
  • European Campaign on Risk Assessment (Skanska Finland)
  • Rakeva award - Finnish Building Information Foundation (RTS), (Skanska Finland)
  • Swedish Road Administration Health and Safety award (Norra Länken 11 project, Skanska Sweden)
  • OSHA Certificate of Appreciation (Skanska USA Civil)
  • Health & Safety awards given by National Labor Inspection under “Safety Site” companion (Skanska Poland)
Last updated: 5/13/2015

Neil Moore

Senior Vice President Safety

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