Industry, innovation and infrastructure

We have the ability to influence United Nations' Global Goal 9, which is about building resilient infrastructure, promoting sustainable indistrialization and fostering innovation. Discover how we contribute to this goal for society.

The UN Global Goal 9: Industry Innovation and Infrastructure, links to our sustainability focus area Green. We are engaged in several activities to help contribute to this SDG. 

Our approach

Skanska seeks to minimize negative environmental impacts, with energy as an important area. The Group collaborates with partners to create improved solutions that lower negative environmental impacts throughout the life cycle of buildings and infrastructure. The public-private partnership (PPP) business model uses lifecycle cost analyses to guide decision making – it determines what provides the greatest long-term value. This approach future-proofs the investments, and also helps minimize environmental impacts.

Examples of activities

  • Skanska is a partner in Powerhouse, a Norwegian consortium that produces pioneering buildings that generate more energy than consumed throughout a 60-year life cycle, including construction and building operation. This is done by applying existing technologies in innovative ways. Read more about Powerhouse at How buildings can be a solution to climate change.
  • For the I-4 Ultimate public-private partnership highway project in Orlando, USA, Skanska's consortium has a 40-year concession that includes operations and maintenance. A life cycle cost approach to asphalt pavement rehabilitation strategies is estimated to save USD 38 M over the concession. Also, to help ensure the highway's resilience to extreme weather, the road base will be about 1 meter above seasonable high water levels.