Sustainability focus areas

We focus on the sustainability areas where we can make the most significant positive contributions to society: Health and Safety, Ethics, Green, Community Investment, and Diversity and Inclusion.

Skanska's sustainability agenda consists of five focus areas that are linked to our values and to our core activities in Construction and Project Development operations. All of these areas relate to our core business and expertise, and are interconnected.

The focus areas are:

  1. Health and Safety
  2. Ethics
  3. Green
  4. Community Investment
  5. Diversity and Inclusion

Ultimately, our goal is to grow from being a leader in each area to being an industry leader and authority within sustainability as a whole. Our sustainability leadership is also a business advantage, contributing to delivering profit and creating shareholder value as outlined in our overall strategy and Profit with Purpose business plan.

Health and Safety

Ensuring people’s health and safety is an ongoing challenge for the construction industry. Skanska aspires to achieve an injury-free environment for all employees and workers, including subcontractors, and anyone who may be affected by our work. This commitment goes beyond safety to also include responsibility for those people’s health and well-being. This includes reducing long-term health-hazards, such as noise, dust and poor ergonomics, as well as addressing stress and mental health.

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Acting ethically and transparently is central to Skanska's culture.  Our Code of Conduct defines how all employees behave and interact with each other, those we do business with and society in general.  The target is for all new colleagues to be trained in the Code within the first month of employment and for training to be refreshed every two years.  In 2018 we achieved 100% of our target for refresher training and a little below this for new employee training.

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Skanska’s environmental commitment relates to impacts of the Group’s opera­tions and processes, and the long-term environmental performance of buildings and infrastructure delivered by the Group. In keeping with the Care for Life value, Skanska promotes green solutions and seeks to conduct operations in green ways.

In 2018, Skanska achieved Leadership level A– in the CDP Climate Change rating. This indicates Skanska has implemented actions to effectively manage environmental impacts related to cli­mate change.

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Community Investment

Skanska is committed to supporting local communities by leveraging the Group’s business to address local social challenges. Skanska’s approach to community invest­ment aims to create shared value, both social and economic, for local communi­ties and customers, as well as for Skanska. The Group’s three Community Investment focus areas – employability, education and design for social impact – all relate to Skanska’s core business and expertise.

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Diversity and Inclusion

Diverse and inclusive teams outperform homogenous teams, and diverse and inclusive organizations increase their ability to attract and retain top people. Furthermore, inclusive workplaces foster healthy and safe work environments. Diversity and inclusion offers key benefits but there are key challenges too, especially with the construction sector – including Skanska – being comprised primarily of men.

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Creating a sustainable future

“Integrating sustainability into our business enables us to deliver better solutions for customers, drive operational efficiencies, manage risks and support society in key ways.” says Anders Danielsson, President and CEO.

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