Sustainability focus areas

We focus on the sustainability areas where we can make the most significant positive contributions to society: Health and Safety, Ethics, Green, Community Investment, and Diversity and Inclusion.

Skanska's sustainability agenda consists of five focus areas that are linked to our values and to our core activities in Construction and Project Development operations. All of these areas relate to our core business and expertise, and are interconnected.

Ultimately, our goal is to grow from being a leader in each area to being an industry leader and authority within sustainability as a whole. Our sustainability leadership is also a business advantage, contributing to delivering profit and creating shareholder value as outlined in our overall strategy and Profit with Purpose business plan.

”The areas below have been identified as being most integral to Skanska, based on the materiality assessment, and set the framework for the Group’s work within sustainability.”

Health and Safety

Ensuring people’s health and safety. Skanska is committed to creating an inclusive workplace where health and safety is top priority for all employees and subcontractors. Ensuring people’s health and safety is an ongoing challenge for the construction industry and Skanska drives for higher safety standards in all its markets.

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Understanding and guarding against ethical risks. To Skanska, ethics work is a virous circle where doing business in the right way, free from corruption and other unethical behavior, creates a climate of trust and cooperation where employees, subcontractors, customers and partners can thrive. This is the best environment for successful and long-lasting economic growth. Ethics is good business for all parties.

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Climate change and carbon reduction. Skanska strives to drive environmental development and pushes toward futureproof projects. Skanska’s environmental commitment focus on the impact of operations, processes and performance of buildings and infrastructure delivered by the Group. Skanska supports customers to achieve ambitious climate goals and helps cities and communities to prepare and respond to the changing conditions that is an effect of the climate change.

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Community Investment

Developing sustainable cities and communities. By planning and shaping the physical environment for the people who will live, work and spend time there, it is possible to increase well-being, security and inclusion. In cooperation with citizens, local communities, authorities and other stakeholders, Skanska identifies how to address some of society’s local and environmental challenges and responds to needs in the local society. Skanska aims to improve communities through holistic design solutions in the physical environment.

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Diversity and Inclusion

Fostering a diverse and inclusive culture. Skanska aims to mirror the diversity of society, which strengthens the business. An inclusive working environment fosters healthy and safe work conditions. To Skanska, an inclusive culture is characterized by openness, fairness, trust and respect. It means that all employees have the same opportunity to contribute to the work and have equal career and development opportunities.

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Lena Hök

Senior Vice President Sustainability


Skanska Group Sustainability Policy Statement

Skanska has a strong commitment towards a more sustainable future, based on the belief that project development and construction can make a major contribution to a more sustainable society.