Community Investment

How we plan, design and build infrastructure and buildings today will impact human health and social equality and how well cities are equipped for future challenges. We strive to have a positive impact on local communities, the environment and people’s well-being by listening to the needs of society, customers and companies.

Our approach

Our operations have a significant impact on the areas where we operate, both during construction and after the projects are completed. It is our responsibility to understand this impact and consult with stakeholders in local communities. The way we build and design our projects can give a long-term positive contribution to the society.

Social disclosure in green building certifications

Social sustainability still lacks sector consensus on definitions, as well as tools to measure, quantify and compare social impact. Nevertheless, international certifications are increasingly adding social topics to their disclosures to define social impact. Several international green certification programs for both buildings and infrastructure have disclosures related to social impact.


Discover how we contribute to local communities in our markets.

Community Investment focus area corresponds to SDG goals