Vision and strategy

Skanska has set a vision of mirroring society's diversity at all levels and our aim is to be recognized as a leader in diversity in all our geographic markets. Our Diversity and Inclusion work supports our values and our purpose.


Skanska's Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) vision, launched in 2014, states that Skanska:

  • Mirrors the diversity in society at all levels of our organization.
  • Has leaders that are excellent at fostering an inclusive culture.
  • Is recognized as a leader in diversity and inclusion in all home markets.


Our diversity and inclusion strategy highlights focus areas we need to work on in order to reach our vision. A fundamental component is managers' commitment, awareness and skills in diversity and inclusion.

On top of that, our focus areas are:

  • Attract and recruit from a large and diverse pool of talent
  • Develop a diverse pool of talent
  • Secure an inclusive work culture
  • Leverage D&I in the marketplace in partnership with customers, suppliers and communities

Departing from the strategy each business unit will define actions and targets that will help them move forward.

Diagram showing Skanska’s Diversity and Inclusion strategy

Local goals and activities

Our vision and strategy is common throughout Skanska. Each business unit is responsible for adapting the overall strategy into action plans appropriate for them, and then cascading these plans. Since business units are organized differently and there are differences between geographic markets, the specifics of the action plans and process of integrating the actions varies.

For several years, Skanska Sweden, organized by regions, has had regional diversity and inclusion scorecards and targets. In 2018, regional diversity and inclusion action plans are compulsory and will be integrated into the business planning process.

Skanska UK expects all major projects to have diversity and inclusion action plans. Both implementation methods include workshops and assessments.

Examples of D&I in action

Engineering, the possibility to make a difference

International Women in Engineering Day is an international awareness day hosted each year to raise the profile of women in engineering and focus attention on the amazing career opportunities available to girls in an exciting industry.

"We need a diverse workforce to fully understand the needs of our customers and end-users. In addition we know that having more diverse people, in particular from a gender perspective, makes us more innovative and competitive." – Pia Höök says.

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Skanska Sweden and Skanska UK have developed innovative approaches for recruiting from groups not traditionally prioritized by the construction industry.

International Leadership Program 

Skanska Sweden's International Leadership Program (ILP) provides a path and resources for highly skilled immigrant engineers to have fulfilling Skanska careers. Through the program, which began in 2014, Skanska Sweden hired 36 immigrant engineers - 66 percent of participants - to take on leadership roles.

Return to Work

Skanska UK's Return to Work program recruits people who have taken career breaks of two years or more from any industry, including those who paused their careers to care for children. It includes a 12-week internship. Through 2017, Skanska has hired 15 people through Return to Work, 10 as permanent hires. Four of those people have been promoted.

D&I is essential to our success

View the video where managers and employees from Skanska Sweden explain why D&I is important to Skanska Sweden's success.

Pia Höök

Vice President of Culture

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