Skanska Color Palette™

Through our Journey to Deep Green, Skanska goes far beyond compliance. Every project benefits from our Skanska Color Palette™, the tool we developed to measure and strategically guide our green activities.

Since 2009, the Skanska Color Palette has defined Skanska's vision of Green and Deep Green projects according to four priority areas, which provide Skanska with the greatest opportunities to lower project environmental impacts: energy, carbon, materials and water.

Defines goals and action plan

The Skanska Color Palette sets the strategic green direction for projects, and is used to define goals and develop action plans, driving continuous improvement.


The Color Palette rates the performance of projects across resource efficiency: energy, carbon, materials and water.

On the Color Palette:

  • The Vanilla zone is the starting point, where construction processes and/or building and infrastructure performance are compliant with laws, regulations, codes and standards.
  • In the Green zone, they are beyond compliance, but do not have a near-zero environmental impact.
  • In the Deep Green zone, they have a near-zero impact on the environment, ensuring that the project is future-proof.