Health and Safety

We want to take leadership in developing safety solutions. We are strongly committed to creating good working conditions a safe working environment for all employees and sub-contractors. This builds on strong leadership and culture where ensuring health and safety is a high priority.

Our approach

We want to take leadership in developing safety solutions and we continuously strive for higher industry standards by involving partners, customers, sub-contractors, competitors and unions. The mandatory Group Health and Safety standard consists of sixteen principles. It covers aspects such as on-site risks assessment, training, incident management and personal protective equipment (PPE) as well as instructions for the most high-risk work processes on the construction sites. It is mandatory for all business units to be certified to the health and safety management system ISO 45001.


We monitor safety performance by the lost time accident rate (LTAR), near misses that could potentially have resulted in fatality and executive safety visits (ESSV). Business units also have local indicators that include training and auditing. In 2020, Skanska obtained Group-wide limited assurance of health and safety data for the first time. The purpose is to assure high quality, efficient follow-up and evaluation of health and safety processes.

Reducing risk through training and leadership awareness

Skills, training, leadership awareness and a proactive safety culture are key in ensuring greater engagement and safer worksites. The Hierarchy of controls illustrates the transition from a reactive to a proactive approach to safety risks.

Health and Safety focus area corresponds to SDG goals


Covid-19 measures

Read more on Skanska’s temporary instruction related to the pandemic with guidance for all types of worksites across the company.

Health and safety week

Skanska Health and Safety week is one of the world’s largest safety events in a private company, with many activities taking place with focus on health and safety in the workplace, and includes industry partners in several markets.

Sustainability data