Health and Safety strategy

Skanska aims to be a world leader in health and safety and aspire to provide an injury free working environment in all of our workplaces every day. Our Care for Life value commits us to work safely or not at all and support health and wellbeing of our employees and contractors.

Skanska Sustainability Policy

The Skanska Sustainability Policy Statement commits us to challenging milestones on our way to an injury free workplace including:

  • Leadership in Health and Safety
  • Health and Safety Culture
  • Proactive management and measurement
  • Health and Safety Resources
  • Being an agent for change in our home markets

Health and Safety Road Map

A tool has been developed to support development of health and safety in the organization, the Skanska Health and Safety Road Map. It is used to inspire and support management teams across Skanska to meet their health and safety milestones. Work include annual reviews on performance and progress. In 2018 it was extended with a matrix for Health and Well-being.

The Health and Safety Road Map focuses on six key areas of development:

  1. Health and Safety Culture
  2. Improving safety Competency through development and education programs
  3. Improved Communication of health and safety issues throughout Skanska
  4. Developing, implementingand monitoring Controls 
  5. Engagement and supervision with our Contractors
  6. Health and Well-being engagement

All Skanska business units are certified to or will in 2020 finalize implementation of the international occupational health and safety management system standard ISO 45001.

Skanska pulled together a Covid-19 Temporary Instruction with guidance for all types of worksites, which was shared across the company. Read about how Skanska takes responsibility while responding to the pandemic globally.

Skanska Group Sustainability Policy Statement

Skanska has a strong commitment towards a more sustainable future, based on the belief that project development and construction can make a major contribution to a more sustainable society. 

Skanska Health and Safety Week 2020

Our 35,000 employees in our home markets, along with more than 200,000 subcontractors, customers and other partners will participate in activities focused on health and safety in the workplace when conditions are right for having these activities in the year.