Clean water and sanitation

We have the ability to influence United Nations' Global Goal 6, which is about ensuring access to water and sanitation for all. Discover how we contribute to this goal.

The UN Global Goal 6, Clean Water and Sanitation, links to our sustainability focus area Green. We are engaged in several activities to help contribute to this SDG.  

Strategic approach

Skanska works with water use during the construction of buildings and infrastructure, and through design choices often influences water usage during the full lifecycle of those assets. The Skanska Color Palette™, a tool to measure and strategically guide green activities, defines the Group's ambition for efficient water use.

Examples of activities

In San Francisco, USA, Skanska designed and built a twostation extension of the Bay Area Rapid Transit light-rail transit system. Ninety percent of water used during construction was from non-potable sources, a reduction made possible by innovative methods. Also, the stations are designed to use around 38 percent less water than standard solutions, annually saving more than 20,000 liters.