Skanska lämnar ett andra offentligt erbjudande till aktieägarna i IPS inom kort

2000-07-11 14:05 CET

Skanska, som äger 66,1 procent av aktierna i IPS, meddelade i dag att företaget planerar ett andra offentligt erbjudande till minoritetsägarna i IPS inom kort. Skanska kommer att påbörja avregistreringen av IPS från Prag-börsen så snart som möjligt.

Press Release from Skanska Central and Eastern Europe

Prague, July 11, 2000


Skanska to launch a new minority shareholder tender shortly  

Skanska as a 66,1 % shareholder of IPS announced today that it plans to launch a new 60-day minority shareholder tender shortly. Skanska will initiate the delisting of IPS from the Prague Stock Exchange in the shortest period of time possible. The acquisition of IPS shares was completed last month and enabled the Skanska Group to strengthen its position in Central and Eastern Europe. The transaction is consistent with Skanska’s expansion strategy based on the prospects of the Czech Republic to join the EU in foreseeable future and the improving state of Czech economy.

"The profitability of IPS and the quality of its management made the acquisition decision easier," said Anders C. Karlsson, president of Skanska Europe. "IPS position in the Czech Republic complements the regional Skanska Group growth strategy very well."

"IPS has become an integral part of Skanska Group, a globally operating construction and development company," noted Zdenek Burda, CEO of IPS. "IPS, now, has a much better chance to play a key role not only in the Czech Republic but also to participate with Skanska on its expansion within the region of Central and Eastern Europe," Burda concluded.

IPS is currently the largest Czech construction company with a total market share of 8.3 % based on 1999 net sales of CZK 18.2 billion. IPS employs 7,900 people.

Skanska is one of the world’s leading groups in construction services and project development. Founded in1887, it is currently operating in some 50 countries with the US, Sweden, Finland and Denmark as the principal markets. In 1999, the Group had total net sales of over SEK 79 billion (USD 9 billion). As of March 31 Skanska had 60,000 employees worldwide.


For further information please contact:

Eero Makkonen, Skanska Central and Eastern Europe,
tel. +35 8 9 6152 2200

Peter Wallin, Head of Investor Relations Skanska AB,
tel. +46 709 53 88 86

Zdenek Burda, CEO, IPS, tel. +420 2 67310848