Our organization

We are +27,000 people united in building for a better society, while creating value for our shareholders. As a listed company, we’re governed by our board of directors, our president and CEO, and our group leadership team. Our operations are based on local business units, backed by our solid brand and financial strength, as well as our group-wide expertise and values.

Short facts:

Founded: 1887
Geographic markets in: the Nordic region, Europe and USA
Operations: Construction and Project development (including Residential Development and Commercial Property Development) and Investment Properties
Employees: about 27,000 (2023)
CEO: Anders Danielsson
Share listed: NASDAQ Stockholm

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As a listed company, generating value for Skanska's shareholders, along with delivering on our purpose of building for a better society, is our aim.

Skanska is governed by the Board of Directors, the President and CEO and other members of the Group Leadership Team.

The Group's operations are based on local business units with good knowledge of their respective markets, customers and suppliers for the four business streams:

These local units are backed by Skanska's brand and financial strength as well as Group-wide expertise and values.

Business streams by geography

Skanska is active on the following markets:


Business stream Market
Construction  Sweden, Norway, Finland, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, UK and USA.
Residential Development Sweden, Norway, Finland, Poland and Czech Republic 
Commercial Property Development Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania and USA.
Investment Properties Sweden