Safeguarding the environment

Our industry impacts the local environment where we operate. Construction of buildings and infrastructure consumes large amounts of resources, including materials, water and energy. At Skanska, we are committed to protecting the environment and biodiversity, to reduce our environmental footprint and to be mindful of our material usage.

Our approach​

Our business units are certified according to the ISO 14001 environmental management system. We monitor and ensure the overall sound environmental management of our sites, including avoiding the use of chemicals listed in our restricted substance standard. Major environmental incidents are reported to the Group Leadership Team.


We focus on increasing resource efficiency by reusing and recycling materials and products where we can. We aim to reduce waste and improve efficiency with smarter design, planning, procurement and logistics. This often goes hand in hand with reduced costs.

Improving water efficiency is a key factor in reducing impact on the environment. As a project development and construction company, we impact water usage, both during construction and when a building is in use.

In recent years, biodiversity has been highlighted as a material topic in Skanska’s materiality assessment. Construction projects risk having a negative impact on local biodiversity. We consider risks in the planning and construction phases, identifying what

measures we can take to reduce and mitigate our impact. Read more about different business units work within environmental protection and biodiversity by following the links under Related information.