Safeguarding the environment

Our industry impacts the local environment where we operate. The construction of buildings and infrastructure consumes large amounts of resources. These include materials, water and energy. We work to protect the environment wherever we build to reduce our environmental footprint and ensure a mindful use of materials.

Our approach​

We monitor and ensure the overall sound environmental management of all our sites. Cautious use of resources and safe handling of chemicals and substances on our projects is central to our way of working. This includes avoiding use of chemicals listed in our restricted substance standard. We have been monitoring major environmental incidents for several years, and these are all reported to the Group. Our business units are certified according to the ISO 14001 environmental management system.


We focus on increasing circularity and resource efficiency by reusing and recycling materials and products. We reduce waste and improve efficiency with smarter design, planning, procurement and logistics. This often goes hand in hand with reduced cost. We have been tracking self-generated waste to landfill since 2008, and during 2021 we initiated a more granular measurement in preparation for monitoring the EU Taxonomy “do no significant harm” criteria for waste. To date, we have successfully reduced waste generation to 4.3 percent going to landfill, which is below our target of less than 5 percent.