Skanska's construction services involve building tall buildings and bridges as well as private homes. We are active in selected home markets in the Nordic region, Europe and North America, both in the private and the public sector.

What we do

Skanska’s Construction business stream builds and renovates buildings, industrial facilities, infrastructure and residences. It also executes service-related assignments, in areas such as construction services and facility operations and maintenance.

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How we do it

In keeping with Skanska’s business model, contracting assignments are also executed for Skanska’s development streams. This collaboration generates large construction assignments, as well as synergies for the Group. Project and synergy opportunities are also generated thanks to the financial expertise within the Group. A combination of financial strength and global expertise in project development and construction enables Skanska to take on large, complicated projects for international clients with high expectations for quality and execution. In the very largest projects that require highlevel performance guarantees, few competitors can measure up to Skanska in terms of skills and strength.

Where we do it

We are active in a number of selected home markets in the Nordic Region (Sweden, Norway, Finland), Europe (Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, United Kingdom) and in North America. We target clients in both private and public sector. 

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We build and develop thousands of projects each year and manage the people, the finances, the design, the construction and the suppliers.

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The numbers (2016)

SEK M20162015


Operating income


Operating margin, %


Free working capital, SEK bn


Operating cash flow*


Order bookings, SEK bn


Order backlog, SEK bn


Number of employees



* Before taxes, financing operations and dividends.

Revenue per year

share of Group, %


Operating income per year

share of Group, %


Breakdown order backlog, total SEK 196 bn, by type of product 

Breakdown orde backlog by product


Breakdown order backlog, total SEK 196 bn, by customer structure 

Breakdown order backlog by customer structure


Breakdown revenue, total SEK 138 bn, by geographic area 

Breakdown revenue by geographic area

Revenue & order backlog per market

Home marketPercentage of revenue in constructionOrder backlog
Nordics 37% SEK 54 bn
Europe 29% SEK 38 bn
North America 39% SEK 104 bn

More figures can be found in financial information.

Market shares

The market share in Sweden is significantly higher than the rest of Skanska’s markets. Despite being one of the leading companies in the U.S. and the UK markets, the market share is low due to higher market fragmentation and competition.


NordicsEuropeNorth America
NCC Budimex Turner
PEAB Hochtief Fluor Corporation
YIT Strabag Kiewit
Veidekke Metrostav Granite
Lemminkäinen Balfour Beatty Flatiron
AF Gruppen Carillion Tutor Perini

Market outlook 2017

The overall construction market outlook continues to be positive. The non-residential and civil markets in Sweden are very strong, although the landscape is competitive. The residential building market continues to be strong. In Norway, the outlook for the civil market remains positive, but with significant and increasing competition in new bids. The non-residential market benefits from increased public investments, while the residential building market is stable except for certain regions that are dependent on the energy sector. The overall market situation in Finland remains relatively weak, but the non-residential building market is improving.

The civil market remains strong in the UK, while the uncertainty in the nonresidential building market post Brexit continues. The civil market in Poland and the Czech Republic are still impacted by delays in the allocation of designated EU funds.

In the U.S., the market is strong and the new government is over time expected to increase investments into infrastructure even further. The market for large and complex civil construction projects remains good, although competition is intense. The building market is strong in the aviation, education, data center, life science and healthcare sectors.

Our ways of adding value

We build solutions for a sustainable future

We offer competitive solutions for the most complex assignments. Together with our customers and partners, we develop and build for a sustainable future with the ultimate goal of improving the lives of people, communities and companies.

Guided by the principles of sustainability, high ethical standards and good occupational health and safety, we aim to be the leading construction company in our home markets, both in size and profitability.

Thanks to this dedication we are involved in some of the most interesting projects of our time. With about 10,000 projects going on at three continents there is often news to report. Learn more about our projects.

Safety adds value

Construction is recognized as one of the most dangerous industries in which to work. We are committed to provide a safe environment for everyone working with Skanska. By actively empowering every employee, contractor and supplier with the knowledge of how to work safely, and never accepting unsafe behavior, we strive to reach our target of zero accidents.

High ethical standard

Our vision is to be a recognized industry leader in Ethics. To us, this means being mindful of who we work with and on which projects. Our goal is to achieve zero ethical breaches – and we will never compromise our standards. This means that in all our projects, our employees, suppliers, subcontractors, agents, joint ventures and other partners understand and live by the ethical values expressed in our Code of Conduct.

Local and global

We are a local company with the benefits of a large global group. We base our operations on local business units with great knowledge of the respective markets, customers, partners and suppliers. These local units are supported by our financial strength, Group-wide expertise and the Skanska brand.

When doing business together we build a trusting partnership where commitment to fair play and people's well-being help us both to prosper.We benefit from our combined resources and knowledge to develop and build solutions for a changing world.

About the Construction units

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Construction units

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