Bridges, roads, hospitals, homes and schools are some examples of what we build, renovate and maintain in our Construction services.

What we do

Skanska’s Construction business stream builds and renovates buildings, industrial facilities, infrastructure and residences. It also executes service-related assignments, in areas such as construction services and facility operations and maintenance.

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How we do it

In keeping with Skanska’s business model, contracting assignments are executed for Skanska’s Project Development streams. This collaboration generates large construction assignments, as well as synergies for the Group.

Project and synergy opportunities are also generated thanks to the financial expertise and resources within the Group. A combination of financial strength and global expertise in Construction and Project Development enables Skanska to take on large, complicated projects for international customers with high expectations for quality and execution. In the very largest projects that require high-level performance guarantees, few competitors can measure up to Skanska in terms of skills and strength.

With a strong risk-assessment focus during the tender stage, Skanska concentrates on securing the right projects, for which there is a balance between risk levels and expected margins.

Skanska's ambition is to increase its share of contracts, in which customers value service, quality and reliability – in addition to price – when evaluating tenders. Skanska's clear focus on sustainable development – including Safety, Ethics, Green, Community Investment, and Diversity and Inclusion – is also a factor that strengthens Skanska's offering to customers.

Where we do it

We are active in a number of selected home markets in the Nordic Region (Sweden, Norway, Finland), Europe (Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, United Kingdom) and in USA. We target clients in both the private and public sector. 

Market shares

The market share in Sweden is significantly higher than the rest of Skanska's markets. Despite this Skanska is one of the leading companies in the USA and the UK markets. The low market share in these countries is due to higher market fragmentation and competition.


Here is a selection of our competitors in Construction:

  • Balfour Beatty
  • Ferrovial
  • Granite
  • Grupo ACS
  • Hochtief
  • NCC
  • Peab
  • Strabag
  • Veidekke
  • Vinci

Market outlook 2019

In Construction, the overall market activity is high but is expected to level out.

The non-residential and civil markets in Sweden are very strong, although the landscape is competitive. The residential building market has come down from a high activity level. In Norway, the outlook for the civil market remains positive, but with significant competition in new bids. The non-residential market also
benefits from increased public investments, while investments in the residential building market are lower. The overall market situation in Finland is stable except for a slight slowdown in the residential building market.

In the UK, the uncertainty related to Brexit is limiting investments in the
non-residential building market. The civil market is stable. In Central Europe, there is a high activity level in general and construction related inflation is high. In Czech Republic, the civil market is still very competitive but contract conditions is expected to improve.

In the USA, the overall market is strong. The civil construction market remains good, although competition is intense, and the building construction market is strong in sectors such as aviation, education and healthcare.

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