The shortest and fastest way from A to B goes underground, through soil and rock. Be it a train, a truck or a stream of water, a tunnel can offer a shortcut. We have extensive tunneling experience. Long or short, wide or narrow, you can find a selection below.

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  • 7 Line Extension

    7 Line Extension Systems and Finishes, United States

    Skanska/ Railworks joint-venture has been awarded the $513 million project for the Finishing and Systems Project of the #7 Line Extension to the West Side of Manhattan. The major items of work for...

  • The line of force is sketched into the chart.

    Eiriksdal og Makkoren Kraftlag, Norway

    Construction of two new power stations in rock, to replace three, old power stations (total production of approx 340 GWh). The work includes; 6 kilometer tunnels of cross-section 20 to 36 sq.m., tw...

  • 86th Street Cavern, United States

    86th Street Cavern, United States

    Skanska is the managing partner of the jointventure awarded a $301 million project for construction of the 86th Street Station cavern portion of the new Second Avenue Subway. The major facets of th...

  • This will be the longest gas pipeline in a tunnel, inserted in a single string, in the world.

    River Humber gas pipeline replacement project, United Kingdom

    In a joint venture with PORR and A.Hak, Skanska was awarded a National Grid contract to design and build a replacement, high-pressure gas pipeline. Housed within a tunnel, underneath the River...

  • Pelplin bypass

    Construction of the Pelplin bypass, Poland

    The Pelplin bypass has joined country road No. 1 with the A-1 motorway, along the voivodeship road No. 229. The bypass, 4,3 km in length, starts with a roundabout in the suburbs on the side of the...

  • First Street Tunnel

    First Street Tunnel, United States

    The Skanska-led joint venture is performing a $157 million contract for D.C. Water for the design and construction of the First Street Tunnel in the Bloomingdale neighborhood of Washington, D.C.’s...

  • Overview

    The Sørkjosen Mountain Tunnel, Norway

    In Sørkjosen in the county of Troms in northern Norway, Skanska has constructed a 4.5 km mountain tunnel, which will be the second longest tunnel in Troms. The tunnel replaces today's E6 stretch,...

  • Modernization of CE-59 railway line

    Modernization of CE-59 railway line, between Miedzylesie i State Border, Poland

    CE-59 line Wrocław Główny – Międzylesie – State border is one of the key railway lines in Poland and is the element of international railway connections. Line was modernized to meet technical...

  • Tunnel Sitina 3

    Tunnel Sitina, Bratislava, Slovakia

    The Sitina tunnel is a part of 3,3 km long motorway D2 Lamačská cesta - Staré Grunty passing through Bratislava, the capital of the Slovak Republic. The double-tube Sitina city motorway tunnel...

  • NIT South Renovation

    NIT South Renovation, United States

    Skanska USA Civil Southeast Inc. was awarded this $83 million waterfront project to reconstruct 4,230 linear feet of an existing wharf facility in four phases. All work was performed within the...

  • 1/9 Ventilation Facility

    1/9 Ventilation Facility, United States

    New York City Transit awarded Skanska USA Civil a $37 million contract to construct two new vent plants for the 1/9 7th Avenue subway line in Lower Manhattan. Constructing the two new vent plants...

  • Construction of carriageway of eastern provincial road Bielany-Lany- Dlugoleka

    Construction of carriageway of eastern provincial road Bielany-Lany- Dlugoleka, Poland

    Eastern Ring Road Wroclaw is the first section of the Connector Aglomeration A4-S8, also known as an eastern provincial road Bielany-Łany-Długołęka. The length of the whole route is 5,6 km. It is...

  • Second Ave

    Second Avenue Subway, United States

    Skanska USA Civil Northeast, as part of the S3 Tunnel Constructors joint venture with partners J.F. Shea Construction, Inc. and Schiavone Construction Co., Inc., was awarded this $337 million...

  • Submerged tunnel at Bjørvika (at the centre of Oslo), Norway

    Submerged tunnel at Bjørvika (at the centre of Oslo), Norway

    Bjørvika Submerged (sunken) tunnel at the centre of Oslo. The construction of the submerged tunnel was completed as a cooperation between Bam Civiel/Volker Stevin from Netherland and Skanska Norway...

  • Buvika - seen from east

    OPS E39 Klett-Bårdshaug, Norway

    Norway's first PPP The E39 is a coastal highway that we developed and built to replace an outdated and dangerous road between the communities of Klett and Brdshaug, approximately 22 km Southwest of...

  • Norra Länken 11

    Norra Länken 11, Sweden

    Norra länken’s tunnels yield major environmental gains for the city The Norra länken (northern link) tunnel project is an important piece of the puzzle for solving the Stockholm region’s traffic...

  • Sketch of the tunnel in a chart

    Breidalsoverføringen, Norway

    New transfer tunnel between the two existing regulating reservoirs at Breidalsvannet and Raudalsvannet at the Otta river sytem, Skjåk, which was officially opened in August 2008. 

  • Pruszcz Gdansk-Pszczolki

    Rebuilding and strengthening of the state road No1, section Pruszcz Gdański - Pszczółki, Poland

    The contract covered: strengthening of the roadway of the existing state road No 1,construction of new pavements, rebuilding or strengthening of pavement on side-roads, construction  of bus bays...

  • London Power Tunnels

    London Power Tunnels, United Kingdom

    A seven-year project for the National Grid to rewire London via deep underground tunnels. Record-breaking tunnelling contract Working together in a joint venture, Skanska and Costain (CSJV) complet...

  • Podwale Grodzkie - Waly Jagiellonskie in Gdansk

    Rebuilding of the streets Podwale Grodzkie - Waly Jagiellonskie in Gdansk, section Waly Piastowskie , Poland

    The scope of works within the contract included modernization of streets on the 800 m long section alongside with all the media. New walkways and bicycle paths have also been constructed, and the...

  • Hallandsås

    Hallandsås, Sweden

    Sweden’s longest rail tunnel emerges on the west coast The Swedish Transport Administration has commissioned Skanska-Vinci to complete the construction of the tunnel through the Hallandsås Ridge,...

  • The drilling rig Charlotta in a tunnel.

    Subway extension, Nacka, Sweden

    Extension of the subway to Nacka Stockholm is one of the fastest-growing metropolitan regions in Europe, and the need for fast and sustainable transportation is increasing. Therefore, the subway...