Acquisitions & divestments

Below you will find selected acquisitions and divestments since the 1990's. For the press release related to each transaction please click the company name. Note that for some transactions a press release was not published.


Company Business Unit in Skanska Geography Year
Atkins Highway Services Division Skanska UK Europe 2013
Birka Markbyggnad AB Skanska Sweden Europe 2013
Industrial Contractors Inc Skanska USA Civil USA 2011
PUDiZ Group Skanska Poland Europe 2011
Soraset Yhtiöt Oy Skanska Finland Europe 2011
Eshacold Danmark A/S Skanska Sweden Europe 2011
Marthinsen & Duvholt AS Skanska Norway Europe 2011
SkyBau Skanska Czech Republic Europe 2010
TKI Skanska Sweden Europe 2010
McNicholas Skanska UK Europe 2006
Stamart Skanska Czech Republic Europe 2006
Klimavex Skanska Czech Republic Europe 2005
Banske Stavby Skanska Czech Republic Europe 2003
BFW Skanska USA Building USA 2003
Pharmacia Services Skanska Services Europe 2002
Yeager Skanska USA Civil USA 2002
Kvaerner Construction Skanska UK Europe 2000
Selmer Skanska Norway Europe 2000
IPS Skanska Czech Republic Europe 2000
Exbud Skanska Poland Europe 2000
REM Skanska Services Europe 2000
Barclay White Skanska USA Building USA 2000
Baugh Skanska USA Building USA 2000
SADE Skanska Latin America Latin America 1998
Tidewater Skanska USA Civil USA 1998
Skåne-Gripen Skanska Industri Europe 1996
Barney Skanska USA Building USA 1995
Beacon Skanska USA Building USA 1995
Beers Skanska USA Building/Civil USA 1994
Skanska Finland Skanska Finland Europe 1994
Karl Koch Skanska USA Civil USA 1990's
Slattery Skanska USA Civil USA 1990's
Sordoni Skanska USA Building USA 1990's


Company Geography Year
Skanska Installation Europe 2016
Skanska Peru Latin America 2016
Operations & Maintenance operations Argentina Latin America 2015
Prefab Mark Europe 2005
Modul & Temporent Europe 2005
Cementation South Africa Africa 2004
Cementation India Asia 2004
Gammon Hongkong Asia 2004
Myresjöhus Europe 2004
Skanska Services Europe 2004
Poggenpohl Europe 2000
Kährs flooring Europe 2000
Elite Windows Europe 2000
Essman Ventilation Europe 1999
Last updated: 3/13/2015