Conversion of shares

Shareholders wishing to convert A shares to B shares in Skanska AB must submit a signed form to the address below.

The signed form must state the name of the shareholder, personal number/date of birth/company registration number, address, securities account number and number of shares. The form must be signed with name and date. If the A shares are registered on a custodian account the shareholder shall contact the custodian to request for conversion. The request for conversion is binding and shareholders cannot recall or cancel a submitted request. Registrations received by fax, phone or e-mail cannot be processed.

Skanska will handle the requests received and report to the Swedish Companies Registration Office for registration. After the registration at the Swedish Companies Registration Office, when Euroclear has updated the change in Skanska AB's share register, the conversion is completed.

Skanska AB convert requested A shares to B shares on the 10th every second month (January, Mars, May, July, September and November).

Please send the signed form in original to:
Skanska AB
Legal Affairs
Att: von Schoting
Warfvinges väg 25
SE-112 74 Stockholm