Based on knowledge of our various target groups, Skanska develops modern homes in attractive and sustainable areas. Our aim is to make people's everyday lives better and easier. With our core skills in planning, development and implementation, we create new residential areas from scratch.

What we do

Buying a new home is a major investment and different people have different needs. This is taken into account when we develop new homes and areas.

Our Homes offer includes single-family as well as multi-family housing. We develop residential areas all the way from choosing the location to planning, designing, marketing and sales.

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How we do it

Our core competence is to understand how people want to live their lives and create attractive new homes that fit their demands.

New residential areas are planned to provide sustainable urban environments; important elements include the use of green materials, the preservation of natural assets, improved waste management and access to public transit.

Productivity and cost effectiveness are constantly being improved through increased use of standardized components, industrialized production and collective sourcing. Experience suggests that this streamlines the process, resulting in substantial savings.

Where we do it

We are active in a number of selected home markets in the Nordic Region (Sweden, Norway, Finland) and Europe (Poland and Czech Republic).

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Do you want to join us?

We develop and build thousands of projects each year and manage the people, the finances, the design, the construction and the suppliers.

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The numbers (2016)

SEK M20162015


Operating income


Operating margin, %






Cash flow from operating activities*


Capital employed, SEK bn


Return on capital employed, %**


Number of employees



* Before taxes, financing operations and dividends.
** A definition is provided in note 44 B

Revenue per year

share of Group, %

Operating income per year

share of Group, %


Homes started and sold

 Homes started and sold


Homes under construction and unsold completed  

Homes under construction and unsold completed


Home marketPercentage of revenue in Residential DevelopmentPre-sold ratio
Nordic countries 97% 78%
Central European countries 3% 77%


More figures can be found in financial information.

Market shares

Skanska's biggest market for Residential Development is the Nordic countries. Operations are conducted primarily in metropolitan regions. In Other European countries, Skanska has residential development operations in Prague, Czech Republic, and Warsaw, Poland.


Nordic countriesCentral European countries
JM Central Group
NCC Finep
PEAB DOM Development
YIT JW Construction

Market outlook 2017

The Swedish residential market is still strong and the new amortization requirements have led to a more balanced market.

The Norwegian market is stable but is being negatively affected by low oil prices in certain regions that are dependent on the energy sector. There are signs of improvement in the Finnish market.

In Central Europe the market is solid, with high transaction volumes and stability in sales prices.

Common to all home markets, except for Finland, is the challenge to acquire and develop land due to increasing prices and long permitting processes.

Our ways of adding value

  • We improve people's lives. People spend a lot of time at home and we can make a difference in their everyday life. We offer a safe place to live, in a home with functional, sustainable solutions and low maintenance. The ease and comfort in the new home give our customers free time for the things they enjoy.
  • Sustainable living places. "Living places" has two important meanings: places to live and places full of life. We strive to make the most out of the unique conditions in each location to create places where people want to live.
  • Designed for specific lifestyles. By understanding our customers, we can create sustainable living places with a distinct character, offering features and solutions reflecting specific target groups' interests and needs.
  • Green. We want to contribute to a greener society. Our ambition is to reduce our impact by efficient and careful use of natural resources. By sharing our knowledge in green, we help people live green too. Key is to make green tangible for our customers, in terms of environmental values and lower costs.
  • Place making. We create places where people want to live, by designing them for specific target groups and their lifestyles. We have the knowledge and strength to explore place making to its full potential, while preserving the local character. By taking responsibility for aspects which make a safe, healthy and living place, we contribute to society.
  • Functional design. We develop new homes. The major benefits of a new home are the ease, comfort and functional design, which means years in a low maintenance home. By offering well planned homes, with innovative solutions adapted to fit specific target groups, we improve people's everyday life.
  • Customer focus. We care for and support our customers throughout the journey to a new home. By making that journey easy and positive, we can create a unique Skanska experience. By focusing on understanding and acting upon our customers' needs, we can truly become an attractive choice.

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