Based on residents' needs and environmental considerations, Skanska designs and builds attractive homes that make people's everyday lives better and easier.

What we do

Buying a new home is a major investment and different people have different types of needs. This is taken into account when we develop new homes and nighborhoods in our business stream Residential Development.

Our homes offer includes single and multi-family housing. We develop residential areas all the way from choosing the location to planning, designing, constructing, marketing and sales.

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How we do it

Generating value in our business stream Residential Development begins with an analysis of macroeconomic and demographic trends of where the growth is, of who the target groups are and what they need and want.

Before making land purchases, Skanska analyzes local conditions in detail. Then begins a step-by-step process aimed at ultimately offering customers the best possible value.

During the planning stage, Skanska establishes a framework in close collaboration with the municipal authorities. Based on the potential offered by the site’s surroundings, a neighborhood with a distinct character is created.

An attractive neighborhood is designed and built on the basis of the residents’ needs and environmental considerations. Skanska’s own sales organization then markets the new homes to the right target groups.

Where we do it

We are active in a number of selected home markets in the Nordic Region (Sweden, Norway, Finland) and Europe (Poland and Czech Republic).

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Market shares

The urban population is increasing all over the world, with an average of 70 percent of the global population living in urban areas by 2050. All of Skanska's markets are above that average and have a higher degree of urban population.

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Financial figures for Residential Development

View key figures, market drivers and trends for the business stream Residential Development, which provides homes in selected geographic markets in the Nordic region and Europe.

Residential development