Design for long-term community needs

We collaborate with people and organizations in communities whose lives and livelihoods may be affected by the places we shape, taking long-term needs into consideration. This involves designing sustainable, low-cost homes and areas that are inclusive and encourage outdoor activity.

Listening to community needs and using our core business as a tool, we can create solutions that have a positive social impact. Examples are as varied as multifunctional green spaces, youth housing concepts to youth internships. We are developing ways to measure impact of these initiatives.

Sustainable residential concept

There is an immediate need for housing in many of our markets. Partnerships are one way to contribute to creative solutions. We partner with IKEA to operate BoKlok, which provides quality sustainable homes at competitive prices, enabling more people to enjoy a comfortable home. All BoKlok homes are made of timber, and since 2020 all standard apartment projects in Sweden are equipped with solar panels. Surrounding spaces are designed to be inclusive and healthy, encouraging recreational activity.