Engage as a fair and ethical business, inside and out

We act fairly and transparently in our business and decision making, aiming for a culture where everyone working with us understands that they can speak up and also chooses to do so. We have zero tolerance for corruption, bribery and any other kind of unethical behavior.

Our approach

We are committed to doing business with the highest degree of integrity and transparency and we expect those we work with to share these values. Act Ethically and Transparently is one of our values, and our comprehensive Code of Conduct is key to our ability to live up to it. The Skanska Code of Conduct sets out principles for how all employees should work ethically, with respect for people, the planet and applicable laws and regulation. It covers topics such as anti-corruption, fair competition, financial crime, discrimination, fair working conditions, environmental and safety responsibility, and human rights.


Providing training in Skanska’s Code of Conduct is high priority. All new employees are required to receive training within one month of starting their employment. Refresher training is provided on a two-year rolling basis and is mandatory for all employees.

Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct defines how we conduct our business.