Changing the face of construction

8/24/2016 8:47 PM CET

Skanska UK's leadership in tackling the significant shortage of skilled construction workers by embracing diversity and inclusion led to us receiving two major UK industry awards: the Judges' Supreme Award and the Diversity Champion of the Year award, both presented at the Construction News Awards gala in London.

Skanska UK’s LGBT Network, shown here at the recent Pride in London event, is one example of how we strive to have a diverse workforce and an inclusive culture across our entire organization. Diversity and inclusion are central to our continued business success.

Skanska UK is approaching the worker shortage through a dual strategy of diversifying our recruitment pool and ensuring an inclusive work environment. We need to attract new people to our industry from untapped areas, and ensure that all employees feel supported while at work.

This diversity and inclusion strategy is central to the success of our UK business, and it reflects Skanska's Group-wide commitment to advancing D&I. Skanska’s 2020 business plan, our definition of sustainability and our Be Better Together value all have D&I as a key focus. By 2020, one of Skanska's goals is to mirror the diversity of society at all levels of our organization.                            

Broad D&I support

In the UK, a D&I action group headed by Managing Director Paul Heather sets targets, identifies actions and seeks senior leadership support. Recent initiatives have included extending the model of the successful women’s support network to create groups for LGBT and military veteran employees.

Additionally, Skanska UK is helping our supply chain advance with D&I by participating in two key industry work groups. More broadly, Skanska UK is working to raise awareness of D&I across the industry by hosting such events as last year’s Changing the Face of Construction forum.

"Setting a new standard"

"Skanska is currently setting a new standard for the industry on equality, diversity and inclusion," commented one of the judges for the Supreme Award, presented to a category award winner deemed worthy of special commendation. "If all were to follow suit it could transform the sector for the better, forever."

Says Skanska UK CEO Mike Putnam: "We believe that a diverse workforce and inclusive culture is key to creating a successful and sustainable business. It will help us to create teams where people think differently, while making them better placed to understand the needs of the communities in which we work.

"It is through the way that our people embrace diversity and create an open and welcoming environment that we are able to work collaboratively – with our customers, joint venture and supply chain partners."

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