Special journeys, taken with care

12/15/2017 10:57 AM CET

Sweden's highest public road reaches new heights with three Skanska-built bridges that provide a safer and easier passage, especially during the holiday season.

The Flatruet Road links Funäsdalen to Ljungdalen and crosses the mountain plateau Flatruet in the province of Härjedalen in Sweden.

Bridges span ravines, canyons and creeks

Winter winds and freezing frost. Glistening snow against dark skies. At an altitude of 975 meters, Flatruet Road near Ljungdalen is the highest public winter road in Sweden. Inaugurated in 1938 and opened for winter traffic in 1986, the road winds its way through the Scandinavian mountains, running close to the Norwegian border, some 600 kilometers north of Stockholm.

Here, three bridges built by Skanska span ravines dating back to the end of Ice Age, canyons and creeks. The bridges provide a safer and easier passage on a road that carries locals and tourists traveling to ski resorts. The bridges are also of great importance to the native Sami people, which herd reindeer close to the road.

The new bridges, which opened in 2015, are wider and stronger, accommodating the heavy snowplow trucks in service from October to May.

This is just one example of how we build for a better society. Find out more about our key bridge projects.

  • Car driving on Flatruet Road in Härjedalen, Sweden.
  • View over Flatruet Road in Härjedalen, Sweden.
  • One of the Skanska-built bridges along Flatruet Road in Sweden.
  • View of the landscape along Flatruet Road in Sweden.
  • A bridge built by Skanska along Flatruet Road in Härjdalen, Sweden.
  • View of the snow covered Flatruet in Sweden.
  • One reindeer walking over Flatruet during the Autumn season.
  • Reindeer walking over Flatruet.

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