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Linnaeus University, Kalmar

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Linnaeus University, Kalmar

  • Skanska was commissioned to rent out, build new and rebuild at Linnaeus University in Kalmar.
  • The house Stella consists of 1,311 yellow tiles.
  • The university is beautifully located next to the water.
  • The students sit close to both city and nature.
  • The beautiful facade is inviting and warm.
  • Linnaeus University brings together students who have previously been scattered.
  • Logistics require good planning as Linnaeus University is located right next to the harbor entrances.
  • Students of Linnaeus University have previously been spread out at different premises in Kalmar. Now they are gathered in one place.
  • Skanska constructs three new buildings.
  • The new Linnaeus University has a total floor area of 43,000 square meters.
  • The entrance feels inviting and welcoming.
  • The location by the waterfront is amazing.
  • The university is modern and innovative.
  • Skanska leases, builds and rebuilds parts of Linnaeus University in Kalmar. Image: Tengbom Arkitekter
  • The new university means that everyone will be gathered in one place. Image: Christensen & CO
  • The crowded workplace is a challenge.
  • A sustainable construction process is important.
  • Linnaeus University is located next to the harbor entrances.
  • The harbor in Kalmar

New premises for Linnaeus University

Skanska has been commissioned to lease, build and rebuild parts of Linnaeus University in Kalmar. The campus consists of the eastern part and the western part.

Skanska owns property on the eastern part and has signed a ten-year lease with Linnaeus University. Three new houses are being built with a total area of 43,000 square meters, including the underlying garage. In one building the university library i situated, while the other two buildings have study rooms, offices and laboratories.

On the western part of campus, Skanska has a turnkey contract and has carried out a remodeling and extension of three houses, up to six floors high. The renovation and extension have an approximate area of 22,000 square meters, including the basement. Primarily, study rooms, lecture halls and offices are located here.

The construction project was started in February 2016 and the western part was completed in 2019. By the end of 2020, the newly produced houses in the eastern part of the university area will be ready. In total, the project employs almost 500 people.

When the new university premises are ready, the situation for students and teachers will be better. They are currently studying and working in many different places in Kalmar. Linnaeus University is also close to the central station, which makes it easy for visitors to come here.

Crowded workplace

The crowded workplace is a challenge. Logistics also require good planning as Linnaeus University is located next to the harbor entrances and you have to go through Kalmar to get to the university.

Consideration of ongoing research

The work must take into account ongoing research projects. For example, in the eastern part of the university area there are fish in large vessels that are sensitive to vibrations. Work is planned in order not to disturb them.

LEED – gold level

Great focus is placed on a sustainable construction process, choice of materials and energy-saving solutions. The goal is that both renovation and extension as well as new production will reach gold level according to the internationally recognized green building certification LEED.

LEED is adapted for all types of buildings and can be used at both the design and operation stages as well as for existing buildings. Among other things, the building's environmental performance is assessed on the basis of local environment, water use, energy use, materials and indoor climate.

Green workplace

In the project we work according to our own environmental certification Green workplace. This means that we have an extra high environmental ambition and that the workplace must meet a number of criteria. Among other things, 95 per cent of all waste must be reused or recycled, the lighting must be energy efficient and the drivers of machines or heavy trucks must be trained in economical driving.


Ola Lövgren
Project Manager
Region Hus Sydost


Service: Construction
Mark segment: Higher education
Start date: 2016
Completion date: 2020
Clients: Linneuniversitetet
Country: Sweden
City: Kalmar
Project status: Ongoing