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Project Wellesley

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Project Wellesley

  • The new training college for the Ministry of Defence will provide state-of-the-art facilities for armed forces personnel
  • The recreational and communal space at Worthy Down will include retail and restaurant areas
  • Worthy Down will be a tri-services facility, for army, navy and air force personnel

Worthy Down and Mindenhurst village

Project Wellesley involves two major projects for the Defence Infrastructure Organisation.

The first is a major redevelopment at Worthy Down in Winchester, now complete, which includes a new flagship military college for all the armed services. The second is the development of a new community – Mindenhurst village – to replace the Princess Royal Barracks at Deepcut in Surrey.


Worthy Down

The development at Worthy Down was an extremely large project, involving the construction – and fitout – of a range of buildings and facilities for the military.

These included the new tri-service defence college, a restaurant and accommodation. We also constructed a range of leisure, retail, welfare and community facilities.

The college will provide training in logistics, policing and administration to members of the army, navy and royal air force.

This huge project involved the construction and fitout of over 26 different buildings. The existing buildings on the site – and there were over 50 – had to be demolished. The project was very complex, both in terms of logistics and engineering.


Not just the average fitout

We also carried out a full mechanical, electrical and public health fitout of all the new facilities. We installed all the mechanical and electrical systems throughout the new buildings, as well as the water and sewage network.

The Defence College building is massive – we estimate that it has over 470km of data cables alone.

We have also installed over 20km of underground services to ensure that the new buildings had access to electricity, water and other essentials.

The fitout was complex as well as being technically and logistically challenging.


Working in a live, high-security environment

The development was being carried out on a live, working military base in a high-security environment. It was essential that construction and fitout activities did not disrupt the work of the armed services on site.

Our remit included managing a smooth transition to the new facilities. We fulfilled this by minimising disruption to military operations and training, units and personnel.


Mindenhurst village

As development manager for Princess Royal Barracks, Deepcut, we will transform the existing site into a new community – called Mindenhurst village.

You can learn more about Mindenhurst village here.

A new community, consisting of 1,200 homes, together with a primary school, sports pitches, shops and village pub will be created.


Our role as the development manager

We are helping the Defence Infrastructure Organisation by maximising the value of its land.

It is a completely collaborative partnership.

We are managing the residential development masterplan and providing a range of planning-related services.

We have been heavily involved in the design concept for Mindenhurst village.


A sustainable community

Our goal has been to help the Defence Infrastructure Organisation to create an attractive place to live, with the right facilities and amenities, and do this in a sustainable way that supports the environment.

Designed to stand the test of time, Mindenhurst village will be a place for people to enjoy now and for years to come.

Sustainability is at the heart of the development, which has a biodiversity net-gain strategy in place. The objective is to enhance the existing habitats and increase the total level of biodiversity in the area.


Find out more about Mindenhurst.


Service: M & E Installations, Construction
Mark segment: Defence
Start date: 2014
Completion date: 2022
Clients: Defence Infrastructure Organisation for the Ministry of Defence
Country: United Kingdom
City: Surrey
Contract value: 250 M GBP
Project status: Ongoing



Considerate Constructors Scheme (CCS) - National Site Awards 2018
Worthy Down construction team - Gold Award