• Täby Park is built around the former horse racing track in Täby.
  • Skanska's condominium block Klövern in Täby Park.
  • Food markets and other activities all year round make Täby Park a great residential area for people of all ages.
  • A green loop connects Täby Park.
  • A pleasant neighborhood is the goal for Täby Park.
  • Pedestrians and cyclists are given priority in the new neighborhood.

One of Sweden's largest urban developments

Täby Park is one of the largest urban developments in Sweden. A completely new neighborhood is built on the former horse race track next to the shopping mall Täby Centrum. The area covers 70 hectares and became available when the horse racing business moved in 2016. A modern neighborhood, close to the city center, could be planned and built from scratch.

The area is developed by Täby Park AB in collaboration with Täby Municipality and Riksbyggen. The development company Täby Park AB owns 75 percent of the land and is jointly owned by Skanska and JM. The area will have approximately 20,000 residents in various forms of housing. Around 6,000 condominiums and rental apartments of various sizes provide space for a variety of family situations and life stages. The homes are surrounded by workplaces for 4,000–5,000 people, schools, preschools, services and nursing homes.

The vision work began in 2010, and in 2020 the first residents moved into their new homes.

A caring neighborhood town

Täby Park will be a caring neighborhood town where everything is close by; the slogan is "big city on the map and small town in the soul". The area is designed for human well-being. Extensive citizen dialogue has been conducted in various forms with thousands of Täby residents, whose wishes have been included in the priorities for the area. Safety, accessibility, ecological sustainability, green areas and traffic are some examples.

The goal is inviting blocks for a healthy and active lifestyle. Everyday life becomes easy with work, school, grocery store, playground, restaurants and outdoor life close by. Public rooms and the courtyards of the neighborhood are designed to be attractive meeting places.

There is a strong focus on security, for example all areas get the right lighting, and biking lanes and walking paths are designed in a safe way. An area that is bustling with life should provide security and stimulate creativity. The former horse racing track is used for both spontaneous and booked activities such as outdoor gym, playground, paddle courts, boules, beach volleyball, food markets, Christmas market, bike cross track for competitions and more.

Sustainability is high on the agenda

Sustainability is a top priority in the development of the new neighborhood. The Täby Park project has been a pilot project within Citylab Action, an upcoming certification system for sustainable neighborhoods. This has led to an ambitious sustainability program that runs all the way from the design of the neighborhood, through the construction phase, to the operational phase where sustainable living is made easy for the residents.

The neighborhood’s climate impact has been calculated for the entire life cycle; it is unique and forms the basis for climate measures at all stages. For example, the neighborhood is planned so that residents do not have to make many trips to other areas, resulting in less carbon dioxide emissions. During the construction phase, soil and rock masses are saved on the site and reused. Existing buildings are also recycled, for example the horse race track’s grandstand building is given new life as business premises.

Täby Park will be the Nordic region's largest Nordic Swan Ecolabelled area. The 4,000 homes that Skanska and JM develop and build are Nordic Swan Ecolabelled, meaning the houses have a better indoor environment, non-toxic materials, low energy use and more.

Walking and cycling prioritized

A bicycle and pedestrian friendly traffic system is built from scratch so that residents do not have to depend on their own cars. Täby Park has a great location next to the shopping mall Täby Centrum and within walking distance of several connections to Stockholm's public transport.

The car is part of the cityscape but is second to pedestrians and cyclists. Bicycle parking is plentiful, and pedestrian and bicycle paths are carefully planned to connect to surrounding areas. For those who still need to drive a car sometimes, there are carpools and charging stations for electric cars.

Green areas with many functions

There will be many green areas in the neighborhood, such as a large city park, several smaller parks and lush courtyards with cultivation areas and smart stormwater solutions.

A green loop runs through Täby Park; a continuous green lane with social and environmental values. Children, the elderly and exercisers get around safely since the cars have to give way. This means children can get to school on their own instead of being transported by car. The loop connects the city park and the neighborhood parks.


Service: Project development, Construction, Residential development
Mark segment: Residential, Schools, Offices, Welfare facilities, Roads, Water management, Asphalt works, Rentals
Start date: 2010
Completion date: 2045
Clients: Egenutvecklat
Country: Sweden
City: Täby
Project status: Ongoing