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Norton Folgate

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Norton Folgate

  • Norton Folgate

Working on behalf of British Land PLC, Skanska transformed six construction plots in a very busy part of London to create 12 buildings through a combination of refurbishment, extension and redevelopment.

Despite being situated in a bustling part of the UK capital, careful logistics planning and innovative construction methods ensured minimal disruption to the surrounding area and maximum efficiency on site.

The development, which combines old structures from the late 1800s with new construction, will provide 32,500 square meters of commercial, retail and public space.

Several different Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) were implemented during this project. Among them was the use of prefabricated parts for façade, framing and services which cut installation time by 50 percent – equivalent to saving 12 weeks from the build schedule – and reduced labour by 75 percent when compared to traditional hand-laid brickwork. It also reduced carbon on the project by eliminating the need for multiple brick deliveries.

Ultra-high-performance fibre-reinforced concrete was used instead of traditional concrete for cladding panels. This innovation made thinner panels possible and increased internal floor space by an additional 40 square meters.

Preserving old structures was a critical component of this project. The team managed to support century-old chimneys while demolishing outdated infrastructure beneath them –  a testament to their commitment towards preserving cultural heritage while meeting modern standards.

At peak times up to 600 people worked on site simultaneously, necessitating immaculate coordination and communication. British Land introduced a project charter that maximized positive community impact and boosted workforce morale through awards for exceptional work and involvement with local charities, schools and businesses.


Service: Construction
Mark segment: Building
Start date: 2021
Completion date: 2023
Clients: British Land PLC
Country: United Kingdom
City: London
Project status: Ongoing