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Walsall Manor Hospital

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Walsall Manor Hospital

  • Manor Hospital, Walsall, has 558 inpatient beds and a diagnostic and treatment centre
  • Manor Hospital, Walsall meets the Health Trust's objectives of moving away from inpatient care to more walk-in and day-case treatment
  • Manor Hospital, Walsall,  contains a new women, children and young people's centre linked to the existing maternity unit
  • the facility offers a multi-professional education centre and training facilities integrated with the mainstream hospital

Involving the community

Walsall Manor Hospital has undergone a substantial overhaul. We refurbished the existing hospital and built new facilities to meet the health trust’s objective of moving to more walk-in care and day-case treatment.

Partly funded by Skanska, through the government’s private finance initiative scheme, the 80,000 m2 hospital now has 558 inpatient beds, a state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment centre and a new women, children and young people's centre, linked to the maternity unit.

Future proof facilities

We built a multi-profession education centre for the clinical staff. This provides leading-edge training facilities, integrated with the mainstream hospital, plus a modular ward block containing 136 beds. All of which provides the local health community with the flexibility to meet future needs.

Using building information modelling during construction allowed information to be fed directly into the facility’s management database. This allows for accurate, comprehensive records and data management.

Facilities management

We’ll be helping the trust achieve its objectives until at least 2041, as our facilities services team delivers estates management for the 30-year concession period. Our team works with 100 sub-contractors to ensure the hospital runs smoothly every day.

Annual turnover

Every year, around 67,000 people visit the hospital’s accident and emergency department. In the same period, the hospital also handles around 263,000 outpatients, 22,000 day cases and 4,700 maternity deliveries.

Around 4,000 people work at the hospital every day, and we ensure it runs without incident while we carry out capital and small works. We also provide life-cycle support on energy and waste.

Supporting local business

We understand the wider social and economic benefits of engaging a local supply chain and workforce, where more of the contracted investment is secured by local businesses. More than 25 local suppliers help us to deliver our work.

Community investment

We are committed to supporting the wider community. Our team volunteers at the local Rock Church food bank and supports Friends of the Earth by planting daffodils in the area. We also hold regular meet-the-team sessions to interact with patients, staff and visitors, gaining feedback about their hospital experience.

We provide educational talks for local schools and offer work experience to involve young people in community activities, such as planting trees in the hospital grounds.


Service: Construction, Public Private Partnerships, Operations & Maintenance, Facilities services
Mark segment: Hospitals
Start date: 2007
Completion date: 2011
Clients: Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust
Country: United Kingdom
City: Walsall
OM/FM period: 2008 - 2041
Concession period: 2007 - 2040
Project status: Ongoing