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Szubin beltway

  • Szubin beltway
  • Szubin beltway
  • Szubin beltway
  • Szubin beltway

Szubin beltway built by Skanska is a fragment of state road No. 5, which will become a part of an expressway S5 connecting A1 and A2 motorways. Szubin beltway together with 7 bridges ensuring grade separation, has improved traffic safety and living conditions in the city.


During the construction phase, the biggest technological and logistic challenge was to strengthen the subgrade. Since, due to subgrade high dampness, we could not form an embankment with subsoil, we stabilized the soil with lime. We were also surprised by peat-bog located within the area of the main road, which was not indicated in the design. We had to exchange the soil and strengthen it with DSM columns. We also had to provide new coordinates for all roads built under the contract and design several new local distributor roads. Despite the problems, when project was completed on time and in accordance with the required quality parameters. In total, we built over 5 km of beltway with seven bridges and over 10 km of access and service roads.


Service: Construction
Mark segment: Roads
Start date: 2004
Completion date: 2006
Clients: Generalna Dyrekcja Dróg Krajowych i Autostrad, ul. Żelazna 59, 00-848 Warszawa
Country: Poland
City: Szubin
Project status: Completed