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Reconstruction of Cieplińskiego Avenue in Rzeszów

Constructing the project

Modernization of Cieplińskiego Avenue, which is the main and most representative street in Podkarpackie voivodship, was very challenging due to heavy traffic. We organized our works as to minimize the inconvenience for drivers and pedestrians. We tried to execute all works that would cause the road to be blocked by heavy equipment during low traffic hours, while the pavement was laid at night. During the day, we executed only the work that could not be conducted at night.
Modernization included widening both roadways to three lanes each way, sidewalk rebuilding, traffic light system, street light system, vertical and horizontal signs as well as new electric, telephone and gas installations. We also modernized a parking lot adjacent to the city park and expanded the parking lot adjacent to Plac Balcerowicza and the shopping center. Upon road work completion, we replanted the green belt dividing both roadways with over 700 trees and bushes.