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Reduced risk of power outages with weatherproof power grid

The risk of prolonged power outages has been substantially reduced in Sweden’s Jämtland region. On January 1, 2011, a new law took effect prohibiting power outages lasting more than 24 hours.

Skanska has built a weatherproof power grid. In practical terms, the new grid will provide protection against storms, wet snow and falling trees, resulting in a reduction in power outages and lower maintenance costs. Skanska was commissioned by Jämtkraft Elnät AB.

We have also created the right conditions for faster Internet connections in the region, since our assignment also included laying Optoslang conduits to be filled with fiber optic cables. This enables the broadband network to be expanded to more rural areas.

The area in which we were working is as large as the regions of Sörmland and Uppland combined, which imposed extremely rigorous logistical demands. We have buried enough electric cable to stretch from Malmö to Luleå.

Many components of the project were carried out in sensitive mountain areas. The scope of the project, combined with the geographic distances involved and sensitive natural surroundings, required sound planning, a high degree of flexibility and extensive experience.

The collaborative structure of the project was unique. The client, contractor and subcontractors participated on equal terms: the budget was established jointly and any profit or loss shared evenly, resulting in lower costs and shorter decision-making paths.

We shared an onsite office, which also helped facilitate rapid decision-making. All of the parties involved in the project contributed a unique set of skills and expertise. Skanska has extensive experience of conducting projects and financial reporting. We were responsible for ensuring that the enormous logistics system functioned properly. In simple terms, this meant making sure that the right items were at the right place at the right time – and that the right people were there to carry out the work.

Jämtkraft is an expert in the construction of power grids and worked with preparatory work, surveying and the supply of materials. All physical labor, such as burying cables, was performed by subcontractors.



Service: Construction
Mark segment: Power, Oil & gas
Start date: 2006
Completion date: 2011
Clients: Jämtkraft Elnät AB
Country: Sweden
City: Östersund
Project status: Completed