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Wisby Strand

Sustainability and green

Having Wisby Strand means Gotland will be able to attract congresses and conference participants year-round. The project received EU funding since Gotland is an island. At the TUR trade show in 2010, Wisby Strand was named the Nordic region’s most inspiring meeting place.

Previously there were no facilities on the island that were able to accommodate large groups. The idea was to extend the season, which has been a success. More meetings held on Gotland means more year-round employment, not only for the conference facility, but also for stores, cafes, craftsmen and more.

Local labor force

Wisby Strand created employment opportunities during the actual construction process as well:

“On Gotland it is important to work with local suppliers and subcontractors. It is important to generate employment on the island,” explains Håkan Isfalk, who is project manager for Wisby Strand.

“We are very proud to have built Wisby Strand. It is a fantastic building situated in an incredibly beautiful location. I think that those who worked on the project look back fondly on their experience. I believe that the Gotland employees at Skanska are extra proud since this place has generated so much attention.”

Eco-friendly cooling

We bring in cooling water through a 500-meter long pipe from the sea, which helps to cool the building during the warm season. That is one way of saving energy. Another way to save energy is to acquire labor and some of the materials from the island, which results in reduced transportation.

Since the building is situated by the sea and is just a stone’s throw away from the harbor, we were able to use boat transports for material deliveries of the building’s heavy steel framework. That was not only more efficient, it was also better for the environment.