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Congress, concert and hotel facility with a fantastic view

In May 2010, it was announced that Skanska and the Danish architect office schmidt/hammer/lassen k/s had won the international competition organized by the City of Malmö.

The competition consisted of preparing a proposal for a combined facility for meetings, congresses, concerts and hotel, as well as to design the surrounding cityscape.

“A modern, high-quality congress facility has been lacking in Malmö for some time.  Tourists play a key and expanding role in Malmö’s development, provide major financial inflow to Malmö and generate thousands of job opportunities,” says Ilmar Reepalu (Social Democratic Party), Chairman of the Municipal Executive Board.

Upon completion, Malmö Live will be approximately 85 meters high and thus visible from all over Malmö, the Öresund Bridge and parts of Copenhagen. In the south, facing the canal, there will be restaurants and open-air cafés. On the 25th floor, there will be a sky-bar with a view of the sea and the entire city.

The three buildings will be joined to form a whole. At the same time, the facility will be perceived as open, for example, by using the same surface coating both inside and outside on the ground floor.

Our assignment is not only to develop and build the concert center, congress and hotel. In total, we will build approximately 90,000 square meters at Universitetsholmen. The area will be a completely new city district, which will link the City of Malmö with Västra Hamnen.

“Some of the key concepts in our proposal were to create a meeting point for Malmö’s inhabitants, a vibrant location with 24-hour activities. Sustainability was another important aspect,” says Henrik Fajerson, Project Developer at Skanska. 

The objective is that Malmö Live will be certified according to the international environmental system, LEED, aiming at the highest level, Platinum. Construction commences in 2012 and completion is scheduled for 2015.


Olof Rundgren
Skanska Sweden
Staffan Andersson
Regional Manager
Region Hus Syd


Service: Commercial development, Construction
Mark segment: Conference facilities, Hotels and motels, Concert halls, Parking, Offices, Restaurants
Start date: 2012
Completion date: 2015
Clients: Municipal of Malmö,Malmö Stadsfastigheter
Country: Sweden
City: Malmö
Project status: Completed