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I-15 Widening Project "Victorville to Barstow"

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I-15 Widening Project "Victorville to Barstow"

  • I-15 Widening Project "Victorville to Barstow"

Skanska was awarded a contract to improve traffic flow between Los Angeles and Las Vegas along heavily congested Interstate 15. The project stretched along 35 miles between Victorville and Barstow in California. 

The scope of work on the project included: 
· reconstruction of roadway, ramps, bridges and drainage facilities 
· resurfacing of existing highway
· creation of a smooth driving surface
· improvement of safety conditions 
· widening of the inside and outside of four bridges, totaling 12 structure widenings
· reconstruction of a structural steel railroad over-crossing
· construction of 13 retaining walls
· improving drainage systems
· moving 1.5 million cubic meters of earth
· placing 290,000 metric tons of asphalt concrete and 268,000 cubic meters of Portland cement concrete pavement

A challenge imposed on this project was that Caltrans required all lanes on the freeway to remain open during the high-volume peak hours. That condition required extensive night- and split-shift working conditions. 

To meet the challenge, Skanska built two temporary lanes in the median. The median lanes were used to allow widening construction of the permanent lanes without disruption.

All work occurred in a region known for fluctuating climate conditions. Temperatures reach 120 degrees in the summer and dip below freezing, with added wind chill, in the winter.

Skanska used its own aggregate producing source for the processing of material. Manufacturing of materials for the project was sourced by Skanska’s own portable crushing and asphalt plants.


Service: Construction
Mark segment: Roads
Start date: 2008
Completion date: 2010
Clients: California Department of Transportation
Country: United States
City: Los Angeles
Project status: Completed